Windsurfer Wifi Booster – Poor Man’s Wifi

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Poor Man’s Wifi

Ever pulled your hair at wits end when you realized that the strength signal of your wireless router is limited at a minimal distance?

Ever thought of buying a longer antenna for longer distance of the signal strength of the antenna?
Ever had second thoughts of having to spend for a newer antenna?

Ever wondered if you can point the signal of your wireless router at a certain part of the house or place, preventing the signal of the router from being accessed by other persons within your area or vicinity? Just like pointing the electric fan to yourself only.

Ever wondered of having your wireless internet connection boosted up to twice the speed it picks up?

Well I used to wonder just like that until I found out about the “Windsurfer” A Poor Man’s Wifi. It is a homemade antenna. It has the design of a Deep Dish Cylindrical Parabolic or a Parabola. The design utilizes on catching the scattered wave signals and concentrating it on a focal point, in this case the antenna.

This tool is cheap… or should I say free. The materials used in making this wifi booster is mostly scattered around you house. All that is needed is some 10 minutes of your time to make this wifi booster. So what are we waiting for, let’s get this started.

The Materials:

  • * Scisscors
  • * Paper or cardboard
  • * Glue or Stapler
  • * Aluminum Foil
  • * The Antenna Template Click here


Step 1

Print the template. You can resize the template to your liking. I used adobe photoshop for resizing the template. Just make sure that the square remains square whenever you resize the template just to make sure that the measurements are still proportional.

Step 2

Cut the template. If you printed it on a paper make sure you glue it or staple it on a cardboard to make it a little bit stronger. Also cut through the slits in the rectangular piece.

Step 3

Cover the rectangular piece with the aluminum foil using glue or staple it down in place. After gluing and wrapping the rectangle part in foil, i used the slits i cut before to cut through the aluminum.

Step 4

Next up is to bend the other part nearly in half and slide the tabs into the slots on the rectangle piece. I stapled the tabs down for good measure.

That’s it! You have your home made antenna, it certainly looks a bit ugly, but the heck with that, it works as much effective as the wifi booster that you can buy on a shop or sometimes even better. The best thing about it is that, its free, all that you need is a little bit of time. This one is really a bang for the buck.

This is the speed of my connection using with and without the antenna.

Please bear in mind that I am under the plan of Globe wireless broadband 512kbps data service only. But I got the speed that is way over the planned that I have signed up for.

Still aint convinced? after around 10 minutes or so without windsurfer / with windsurfer

remember this is applicable only to wireless internet users, of course it would be stupid to test this if you have wired internet  connection. Duh! Remember only to wireless internet subscribers and to wireless routers. ZWEET!

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25 Responses to “Windsurfer Wifi Booster – Poor Man’s Wifi”

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  1. 25
    drej Says:

    effective ba? paano kung paputol-putol kaya ba nitong alisin yun?

  2. 24
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    Kaso pano pag umulan? baka masira hehe. kasi carton lang eh…

  3. 23
    Kyoziro Hitzuwara Says:

    puwede yan sa canopy ng smart bro

  4. 22
    russel Says:

    gamit ko wi-tribe weak yung connection ko..wala syang antenna nid help…manila area ako

  5. 21
    martin Says:

    pwede ba ito ilagay sa canopy ng smart bro? yung nakalagay sa bubong?

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