NuffNang 68 Bloggers Winners Named!

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Oh yeah! I won! I was chosen to be one of those 68 bloggers that have been named! My First in just barely 1 and half month of blogging! Woohoo!

I told y’all, don’t make me let you eat your heart out. Be a Nuffnanger and be someone! Now if you have read my entry, you should have had heard of the contest and have also won. I told you it wouldn’t hurt, and for all of those people who did read my entry and was not convinced, well here is the proof! No doubt.

Here are the 68 chosen bloggers. The winners. The bomb.

Congratulation to all of the winning bloggers, and congratulations to me!! hmm. I think one of the nuffies staff was impressed by my entry, that is why I got one of the spots in the 68 bloggers I just found out. She was the first one who commented on my entry, Roanna. Thanks .

If you aren’t a nuffnanger then be one now. just sign up in here. or click on the pic below.

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20 Responses to “NuffNang 68 Bloggers Winners Named!”

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  1. 20
    jojo Says:

    Congrats bro. , we won Lol , thanks for the note on my page.

  2. 19
    Atchucan Says:

    Congratulations for being one of the chosen ones!

    If you need a pinoy nuffnang gamer slash blogger, feel free to drop by my site. ;)

  3. 18
    beejing Says:

    Congratulations, one of 68!

  4. 17
    AngPeregrino Says:

    Congratulations to you too!

    Thanks for the note in my blog. :-)

  5. 16
    Glenn Says:

    hi james, thanks for adding my site in the list.. and thanks for commenting on my blog too :)

  6. 15
    Jamez Diaz Says:

    Congratz Momy Elevz!! I read the article, good thing magaling ka na :)

  7. 14
    Mommy Elvz Says:

    Hi LJ! Thanks for leaving your comment and informing me about this good news.

    Gave you linkie love too!

    Congrats to us!

  8. 13
    Zigfred Says:

    Hey man thanks ! Congrats as well ! hehehe :-)

    By the way Marghil Macuha and I have just launched our free new blogging ebook. You might want to help us promote it. Check it out at

  9. 12
    Hannah Says:

    hey there! Congratulations to us!

  10. 11
    iva Says:

    congrats tol! :)

    nuffnangers :D

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