18 Benefits of Cigarette Smoking

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Are you a smoker? Are you addicted to smoking?

If you are then I know that you are fed up from hearing about the ill fated effects of smoking, about the countless cancers, numerous diseases, huge posters that depict the so-called body of a smoker, text messages about “what is on a cigarette stick” , Department of Health’s Mascot “Yosi Kadiri”, etc.

But still, people who knew those continue to puff cigars. And people who campaign against smoking still blame smoking as a number one reason for lung cancer, buerger’s disease, raynaud’s disease, etc.

But for as far as what I have researched, SMOKING ALONE does not produce those gross and commonly fatal effects of smoking. Smoking alone cannot cause Buerger’s disease, you need to be 30 years old and above and a male to have it. Smoking alone cannot cause Raynaud’s disease, you need to be 40 years old and above and female to have it. Smoking alone cannot cause Deep Vein Thrombosis, you still need to be obese, hyperlipidemic, have been using oral contraceptives for a long time, have a history of diabetes and myocardial infarction. You cant have Pneumonia by smoking alone, you also need to have inhaled air pollution, you need to be immunocompromised, you need to have accidentally aspirated food, you need to be over fatigued, you cannot have Peptic ulcer disease just by smoking, because it needs to be on your blood lines,  you need to be alcoholic, you need to have irregular diet, you need to have drank caffeine instead of eating foods, a microbial invasion should have caused peptic ulcer disease and many more.

Those are just few of the diseases that you can get with smoking plus the other factors. Without those other factors, smoking cannot come up with a disease, its like, smoking is a pre-requisite to a disease but not merely the root cause of such disease.

Just like having a piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

But if there are many disadvantages of smoking, there will always be an advantage in smoking. Here are 18 benefits of cigarette smoking.

1. — Smoking improves human information processing

– Higher nicotine cigarettes produce greater improvements [in information processing] than low-nicotine cigarettes

– Nicotine can reverse the detrimental effects of scopolamine on performance

–  Smoking effects are accompanied by increases in EEG arousal and decreases in the latency of the late positive component of the evoked potential

Data from:
0574. University of Reading, Department of Psychology (England). Warburton., D.M.; Wesnes, K. “The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Human Information Processing and the role of Nicotine in These Effects”

2. Smoking improves motor performance

Data from:
0530. London University, Institute of Psychiatry. O’Connor, K.P “Individual Differences in Psychophysiology of Smoking and Smoking Behaviour”

3. Smokers in general are thinner than nonsmokers, even when they ingest more calories

Data from:
Numerous studies, but only two are listed below:
0885. Kentucky State University. Lee. C.J.: Panemangalore. M. “Obesity Among Selected Elderly Females In Central Kentucky.” FUNDING: USDA 0942. University of Louisville. Belknap Campus School of Medicine. Satmford, B.A.; Matter, S.;

Fell, R.D., et al. “Cigarette Smoking, Exercise and High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol” FUNDING: American Heart Association.

4. Smokers have less plaque, gingival inflammation and tooth mobility than nonsmokers

Data from:
Veterans Administration, Outpatient Clinic (Boston). Chauncey. H.H,; Kapur, K.K.; Feldmar, R S. “The Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Study of Oral Health: in Healthy Veterans (Dental Longitudinal Study)

5. Smokers have lower incidence of postoperative deep vein thrombosis than nonsmokers

Data from:
Guy’s Hospital Medical School (England). Jones, R.M. “Influence of Smoking on Peri-Operative Morbidity.”

6. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is less common among smokers

Data from:
0146. Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. Chen, H.Z.; Pan, X.W.; Guo, G. et al. “Relation Between Cigarette Smoking and Epidemiology of Hypertension.

7. Hypertension (high blood pressure) and postpartum hemorrhage are lower in smokers

Data from:
0045. University of Tasmania (Australia). Correy, J.; Newman, N. Curran, J. “An Assessment of Smoking in Pregnancy.”

8. RBCs [red blood cells] from cigarette smokers contain more glutathione and catalase and protect lung endothelial cells against O2 [dioxide] metabolites better than RBCs from nonsmokers

Data from:
0759. University of Colorado. Refine, J.E.; Berger, E.M.; Beehler, C.J. et al. “Role of RBC Antioxidants in Cigarette Smoke Related Diseases.” Jan 1980 – continuing.

9. Smoking protects against Parkinson’s disease

Data from many studies. Among them:
1102. Carr, L.A.; Rowell, P.P. “Attenuation of 1methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophyridine- induced neurotoxicity by tobacco smoke.” Published in Neuro-pharmacology 29(3):311-4, Mar 1990.
1190. Janson, A.M.; Fuxe, K.; Agnati, L.F. Jansson, A. et al. “Protective effects of chronic nicotine treatment on lesioned nigrostriatal dopamine neurons in the male rat.” Pub. in Progress in Brain Research 79:257-65, 1989.
4014. Decina, P.; Caracci, G.; Sandik, R.; Berman, W. et al. “Cigarette smoking and neuroleptic-induced parkinsonism.” In Biological Psychiatry 28(6):502-8, Sept. 15, 1990

10. There is a low prevalence of smoking in ulcerative colitis? And that the disease often starts or relapses after stopping smoking

Data from:
4101. Prytz, H.; Benoni, C.; Tagesson, C. “Does smoking tighten the gut?” In Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 24(9):1084-8, Nov. 1989.

11. Nonsmokers and especially ex-smokers of cigarettes have greater risk of UC [ulcerative colitis]

Data from:
4134. Lorusso, D.; Leo, S.; Miscianga, G.; Guerra, V. “Cigarette smoking and ulcerative colitis. A case control Study.” Hepato-Gastroenterology 36(4): 202-4, Aug. 1989.

12. Hypertension and postpartum hemorrhage are lower in smokers

Data from:
0045. University of Tasmania (Australia). Correy, J.; Newman, N. Curran, J. “An Assessment of Smoking in Pregnancy.”

13. Smoking has a protective effect on immunological abnormalities in asbestos workers

Data from: 0429. Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (Poland). Lange, A.
“Effect of Smoking on Immunological Abnormalities in Asbestos Workers”.

14. The WHO, in order to “prove” the dangers of ETS, financed the second largest study in the world on secondhand smoke.

But the study “backfired” and showed not only that there was no statistical risk of disease on passive smoking, but even a protective effect for those who are exposed to it.

Not surprisingly, it is said that the WHO tried to hide the study from the media.

For the In-depth info Click HERE

15. That in an Australian study, 91.8% of those who never smoked reported a long term illenss, while those who smoked reported 89.0%

When age was taken into consideration, more people who had never smoked than those who did smoke reported one or more long-term illnesses.

When the number of years during which a person had been a smoker were taken into account, it was the ex-smokers who fared worse when it came to long term illnesses.

Data From: Australian Bureau of Statistics January 1994 report entitled “1980-90 National Health Survey: Lifestyle and Health Australia”.

16. That an Australian study sampling, among other things, individuals over 45 years of age, found that 6.0% of smokers suffered from heart disease, versus 6.7% never-smokers and 11.4% ex-smokers

Data From: Australian Bureau of Statistics January 1994 report entitled “1980-90 National Health Survey: Lifestyle and Health Australia”.

17. Australian study sampling, among other things, individuals over 45 years of age, found that 11.3% of smokers suffered from hypertension, versus 27.0% ex-smokers and 29.0% never-smokers

Data From: Australian Bureau of Statistics January 1994 report entitled “1980-90 National Health Survey: Lifestyle and Health Australia”.

18. Australian study sampling, among other things, individuals over 45 years of age, found that 38.9% of smokers were overweight, versus 49.5% ex-smokers and 44.1% never-smokers

Data From: Australian Bureau of Statistics January 1994 report entitled “1980-90 National Health Survey: Lifestyle and Health Australia”.

Now those were the 18 benefits of smoking, well I do not advocate smoking, its just that I felt the need to blurt out the things that people disregard. There is always a need to be open minded. Always know the two faces of the mirror. I even had the inspiration to write this article because of my favorite show House MD.

Here is a clip of House, prescribing his patient with cigarettes. (From: House MD Season 1 Episode 5 – Damned If You Do)

If you have been smoking, all I can say is continue it, because if you do stop, you will just have to tread on the torturous feeling of withdrawal process, and your body might get startled by the process, making your body system vulnerable.

If you haven’t started yet, then better think twice. Might as well never to try it, because it is where it all begins.

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49 Responses to “18 Benefits of Cigarette Smoking”

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  1. 49
    Dayuuum Says:

    Well, those who don’t want to smoke but end up being around a smoker end up with unwanted diseases from all the toxins distributed by second hand smoke. So I don’t see how any of these factors stated are pros of smoking, because it seems like it’s only beneficial for the smoker and inconsiderate of those around them.

  2. 48
    jb143 Says:

    Some smokers actually live longer than non-smokers – for real. Not always, but it is a for sure for some people.

    Smokers have more friends. I mean, if you are a smoker, almost every other smoker is your friend. It’s weird, but that is the truth. If there is a group of smokers outside like a building or something and you don’t really know them, you can just join them and smoke and talk and they will be like, “oh girl what’s going on” and stuff.

    The truth is that most people smoke, but a lot of people pretend they don’t smoke. I mean, a lot of people are like “oh I don’t smoke” and la dee dah and whatever, but in fact they do smoke, but try to pretend they don’t smoke to their non-smoker friends or sometimes even to their smoking friends because of negative pressures.

    So, I am glad that this article finally tells the TRUTH that smoking really has benefits. I mean, of course, it is bad for some people with cancer and all, but there are benefits too for a lot of people who smoke like obesity which is our nations number one problem now. Ask yourself why they don’t ever tell the good side of smoking at school or in the media, it is only the negative side. Why is that?? Why are they always trying to hide the whole truth?

    So, my friends and I smoke and we are a lot healthier than most of the other girls who don’t smoke, especially the fat ones that can’t even hardly run!

  3. 47
    Smoker Says:

    If you don’t like it, it’s not for you.

  4. 46
    awasted cosmicdreamer Says:

    people only know the negative effect…they should also be aware of this.nw all i need is to shoot one and relax!!!!

  5. 45
    liz Says:

    are you serious? you got this from wikipedia?! nice going
    all smokers : have fun killing yourselves.

  6. 44
    Heavy Smoker Says:

    Wow. I Just wanna kill another cigarette. preferably Marlboro Light.

  7. 43
    alex Says:

    Is this true, becaus I need to know


  8. 42
    cigars store Saint Cloud Says:

    While most of us readily assume that smoking only brings negative effects, there are those who acknowledge the benefits they receive with this habit.

  9. 41
    Hamzacute Says:

    Just chilllll Man actually smoking releases my mental tenses

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