Using Google Friendconnect For Adsense Placements

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Since regular adsense publisher are limited to only 3 adsense for content and 3 adsense link units in their blogs or sites per page, somehow others like to find other places where they can place their adsense units to extend click throughs on their ads.

Another way is to make another blog or site, but what if  you are not in the mood into making another blog or site?

Well, that is where google friendconnect comes into play.

Google friendconnect works somewhat like friendster and mybloglog, merged into one,  now isn’t that a quick explanation of what google friendconnect is?

But one distinct difference with this friendconnect is that you can put your adsense units here, so that adds up another place for your ads right?

Friendconnect was also known as Friendsense, because of its capability to build up your community and put adsense ads and units on your friendconnect account.

Here’s some video introduction for the Google Friendconnect


If you have a google account then why not give this a shot?

It can boost you some traffic, give you some additional ad placements and you can build up your own community.

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One Response to “Using Google Friendconnect For Adsense Placements”

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    Andi Says:

    i probably will :) give this a shot, i mean :)

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