PS3 Firmware Update 3.30 Enables 3D Gaming!

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

PS3 Fanboys rejoice because the long awaited 3D firmware has already been integrated to the new PS3 3.30 firmware! this just means that the 3D gaming madness would start coming in!

A little note though, the 3D firmware update for the meantime applies to 3D Gaming only, hence, it would not be applicable for any other media such as 3D Movies. Sony said that the kind of firmware that would enable 3D movie playback for PS3 would come around sometime next year.

Also another note, there are only a handful of games that has the capability for 3D Gaming experience which would be released this June 2010. And of course, don’t expect too much, because you would still need to buy a Sony Bravia 3D TV for you to benefit the 3D gaming the your PS3 has to offer.

So, have I already crush all hopes? Oh well, time to save up for that Sony Bravia 3D TV, this just proves that computer gaming is really an expensive hobby…

Oh! by the way, I got my latest firmware update through PC from the Playstation Network Philippines site.

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