How To Get Globe Huawei BM622 Admin Password For Updated Firmware

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Been playing around with my Globe Wimax 4G Huawei BM622 interface for some time now and what a relief when I finally was able to get a workaround on getting the Huawei Bm622 Admin Password. I mean there are a lot of those who cannot use the View Source method ever since the Firmware of the Huawei BM622 Modem’s firmware got updated, and I was one of them.

You’d know that the “View Source” method would not work for your if the Firmware date of your Huawei BM622 is dated in the 2010, which means you would not be able to tweak around your Globe Wimax BM622’s hidden Admin settings, but with the workaround that I used, I was able to find out the Admin Password using the MAC Address and Device ID of my Modem.

Here is the screenshot of my Globe Wimax Huawei BM622 with Updated Firmware logging in on USER MODE with just the Status and Maintain tab visible.


Huawei BM622 User Mode


Here is the screenshot of my Globe Wimax Huawei BM622 with Updated Firmware logging in on ADMIN MODE with the Basic, Advanved and WiMAX Tab included in the interface.


Huawei BM622 ADMIN Mode


If you also have the Huawei BM622 which has the 2010 Firmware then I might just be able to help you out if you want to have access to the Admin settings of your Huawei BM622 modem.

How? easy!

Step 1: I have got to verify you. Enter your email address in the form below and verify it by clicking on the verification email that would be sent in your mail. Im gonna use that email to send the Huawei BM622 Admin Password. I wont be posting the passwords here for security purposes.


Step 2: Once verified Fill in the Form Here and follow the instructions provided in the form. Make sure that you have a verified and working email address because that is where I would send the Huawei BM622 Admin Password.

If you have other questions regarding the Huawei BM622 Admin Password, just ask away in the comments section below!

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325 Responses to “How To Get Globe Huawei BM622 Admin Password For Updated Firmware”

  1. 1
    Cloyd Says:

    sire nareceived ko na po through mail! Maraming salamat. Another question lang po… Alam nyo po ba magpalit ng MAC Address?

  2. 2
    utoibatotoy Says:

    my wan has been blocked.. is there any way to unblocked it so i can access admin account again???thanxxxxx

  3. 3
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    So you mean you cannot access your Modem interface?

  4. 4
    erich Says:

    sir LJD thanx s reply, ganito po kse situation : meron “my dsl ” s bahay so meron modem and inet connection tapos nagkaron kmi ng laptop so nagkabit ng wifi router, b4 ung desktop ko naka-cable connect (utp cable) s router n un but d n pede since napkalayo n nung desktop para i-cable connect, now im using globe tattoo n lng 4 my desktop, so wat im thinking is kung pede ko b masagap ung wifi n un using tattoo para makasurf ako s desktop ko, hilig ko rin kse magdownload kya kelangan ko ung wifi connection namin without using cable. if not bka may ma-advise k n device n pede ikabit s desktop pra maging wifi ready, saan mabibili and mga how much?……..

    thanx po!!
    i very much appreciate the help

  5. 5
    Louis James Diaz Says:


    Ahh, I see.. Madali lang yan bro, all you need is a Network Adapter.. and easiest possible store I can recommend for that is CDR-King.

    Dalawa ang options mo jan either through your Desktop’s PCI Slot or Through USB.

    Pero I recommend using USB kasi mas practical siya gamitin. But Im gonna give you 2 links para may options ka..

    Eto yung pang PCI Slot Wireless Adapter –

    Eto naman yung USB Wireless Adapter –

    Make sure na WIRELESS yung titignan mo dun sa mga products na nasa link kasi may mga kahalo na WireD components jan.

    Also another Tip, go for the Wireless N kung kaya ng budget. but any of those Wireless adapters would work so long as ipatesting mo muna sa CDR King bago ka umalis sa store nila.

    Hope that helps!

  6. 6
    king carlos Says:

    sir, nagfill up nako.. sana masend nyo na bago ako matulog.. thanks..

  7. 7
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    Already sent it bro, check it on your mail! Enjoy!

  8. 8
    Martin Says:

    Sir, nagsign-up na ko. Hope for your reply. Thanks.

  9. 9
    Fredd Says:

    Sir regarding in updating firmware ask ko lang kung sakali ma update ang firmware ano maaari mabago. i mean kaya pa ba palakasin ang bandwith speed nya? Salamat……

  10. 10
    Louis James Diaz Says:


    mababago lang is the firmware of course along with some updated security features added to your Huawei BM622. To be able to get a higher bandwidth speed you should either tinker with the settings in your Huawei BM622 (for advanced users only) or by changing your Mac Address.

  11. 11
    Louis James Diaz Says:


    Have you already filled up in the form bro? I cant see your Mac Address Details. Its the second step bro.

  12. 12
    Fredd Says:

    sir is it possible or hanggang 1mb lang talaga ang ganito unit.

  13. 13
    halojin Says:

    Thanks for the information po ^_^

  14. 14
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    no prob… teka nabigyan ba kita ng password? di ko naman ata nakita itong gamit mong email? or iba ang ginamit mo?

  15. 15
    lowel Says:

    sir ask ko lang po kung pano i reconnect ulit ang globe wimax bm622 pag discoonected na passible po ba? paki email nalang po kung may sagot kau. tnx in advance sir. (

  16. 16
    EUGENE Says:

    sir possible ba talaga ma-open admin with 2010 package? i follow the steps that you need. need a response badly.. thanks in advance

  17. 17
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    Yep! I just sent the password to your email. I-try mo na, check your spam mail too kung di mo siya makita sa inbox and let me know if it worked!

  18. 18
    beejing Says:

    Bro thanks for the password! astig pwede nga talaga ma-access ang admin ng 2010 firmware ng BM622! Idol!

  19. 19
    Ariel Says:

    bro, nag sent na ako, thanks in advance…

  20. 20
    Jamez Says:


    Nasend ko na sa email mo bro. Just check it na lang! Enjoy!

  21. 21
    utoibatotoy Says:

    sir LJD yeah hnd ko maaccess ung admin account… can u help me?nkapagfill up npo ako ng form.. wish u could help me with this…and is there any way i can uncapped the speed??thanx a lot

  22. 22
    raiven Says:

    bro, please it to my email… thnx a lot… badly needed…

  23. 23
    Andrew Says:

    Bro blank WAN ba marunong ka umayos?paturo naman.Thanks!

  24. 24
    Jamez Says:


    Bro yung blank wan sira na modem mo pag ganon. Nacorrupt na yung modem mo kaya blank wan na.. kung baga sa hard disk or memory card corrupted = unusable.

  25. 25
    mayonaise17 Says:

    sir good day..naka pag fill up na po ako dalawa nagamit ko na email yung isa para maka receive ng update yung isa para sa user at password po ang isa..sana po mapadalhan niyo sir..maraming salamat po ..

  26. 26
    Jamez Says:


    Sent it already bro to both the email that you used. Pag may problem just leave a comment here. Enjoy!

  27. 27
    mayonaise17 Says:

    sir ty sa email pero nasubukan ko yun kamukha ng binigay nyo po na password naka pag generate po ako ayaw po sir ano po gagawin ko?

  28. 28
    Jamez Says:


    natry mo na ba ireset to default yung settings ng modem mo? as in Hard Reset? Ikaw ba ang original owner ng modem mo ngayon? If not then there is a chance na naedit na yung password nyan way back before.

    another question is, anong version ng Firmware ng Modem mo?

  29. 29
    mayonaise17 Says:

    sir ayaw po talaga..kamukha po ng sinend nyo ung sinave ko sa phone ko na pass generated tinry ko uli ayaw po talaga bumukas

  30. 30
    Jamez Says:


    bro natry mo na ba kung gumagana yung old method to look at the admin password sa modem mo?

  31. 31
    mayonaise17 Says:

    bago sir dec last year tapos na disconnect na sa globe.hindi ko pa na reset sir hindi nga po maka pasok sa admin page.oo sir sa akin po ito hindi pa na change pass po

  32. 32
    Jamez Says:


    Bro try to use the old method, login as a user, username is user and password is also user, then once logged in try to view this page >> and then tell me if it is accessible or not

  33. 33
    mckhoi Says:

    sir ljd! good day po! ask lang po meron den akong bm622 wimax disconnected na pano po ito magawan nang paraan. nabasa ko change mac adres paano po yon? paki send nlang po sa email ko tnks po more power.

  34. 34
    Paquito Says:

    Boss LJ, request sent please check salamat po…

  35. 35
    Jamez Says:


    Brad na send ko na sa email mo. check mo na lang. add comment ka lang dito kung may problema. Peace!

  36. 36
    aariel Says:

    hi bro……..

    nasend ko na ung email add ko what is the next step?????

  37. 37
    aariel Says:

    bro ask ko nadin kung alam mo ung admin acct ng bm622i?

  38. 38
    Jamez Says:


    Bro the next step nakasulat na din kasunod ng step 1..

  39. 39
    albert Says:

    sir tut naman poh kung pano magpalit ng mac address…maraming THANKS

  40. 40
    Jamez Says:


    stay tuned ka lang bro, yan ang next ko na ipopost

  41. 41
    sunny Says:

    sir lj patulong nga mag set up nga globe wimax sir nasend k email ko na tnx more power

  42. 42
    nestor flores Says:

    sir pwede po na patulong po kasi may bm622i po ako pwede po na ma open po uli salamat po

  43. 43
    aariel Says:

    sir kaya ba ma change ung bm622i ung sakin?

  44. 44
    ailrz Says:

    sir patulong sa bm622 admin pass salamat more power

  45. 45
    Fred Says:

    Sir,pakitulungan po ako sa Admin Password ng Globe Broadband BM622,maraming salamat po

  46. 46
    Anthony Geronimo Says:

    mga idol ako rin po pa help d2 sa BM622 bka pde pa send dn ng details pano mapagana ulet ung disconnected 1st owner po ko n2 nka pangalan po sa akin,tnx

  47. 47
    Antoine Cruz Says:

    sir bka pde pa help d2 sa bm622 globe wimax,already disconnectd pde b ma reconnct eto ulet 1st owner ko n2 nka pangalan sa akin,bka kc ma questn ko pag pinalitan ung Mac Add. d po b un?sna mbigyan ko ng mganda solusyon salamat po

  48. 48
    Cayie Says:

    sana po matulungan niyo ako. na update po kasi ang bm622 ko.. salamat po

  49. 49
    shem Says:

    sir pwide mag turo kung paano mag buhay ang bm622i

  50. 50
    shem Says:

    sir pwide bang mag paturo kung paano mabuhay ang bm622i

  51. 51
    globe wimax reconnnection Says:

    sir pano po ba ireconnect ung globe wimax na bm622? patur nmn po salamat

  52. 52
    yael Says:

    panu poh ba mapsok ung admin… panu poh makukuha ung password?kelan poh ba updated ung firmware? patulong naman poh

  53. 53
    Joseph Says:

    Sir nag Sign-Up na po ako… i’ll wait for the reply, thanks!!!

  54. 54
    guilbert Says:

    Bro.. masend din naman sa email ko.. nakapagfill up na ko ng form.. Thanks..

  55. 55
    Joseph Says:

    Sir salamat ng marami… ^_^

  56. 56
    swoosh Says:

    paano po magagamit ito para maconnect ang putol ng wimax?

  57. 57
    joel matias Says:

    sir may bm622 dn po ako pero putol na patulong naman po pano ko ma reconnect ulit thanks po

  58. 58
    joel matias Says:

    bro pa send nman pano method ng pam buhay ng bm622 na putol na he2 email ko bro thanks

  59. 59
    allan Says:

    bro pkisend mo nman skin ung password ng globe wimax kasi block n ung globe wimax ko pre 1 month ko lang ngamit block na mismo.

  60. 60
    allan Says:

    pare ito email ko

  61. 61
    RonaldV Says:

    Isa ka henyo sir …nag fill up na po ko wala pa nadatin na response galing sayo sir about sa Upgrade firmware at admin password ….thanks a lot..

  62. 62
    RonaldV Says:

    Sir Lj patulong namn po pano i upgrde yung bm622 wimax ko nag fill up na pala ko sa form …eto email add ko …thanks a lot..

  63. 63
    James Says:


    Bro yung Step 2 pa nagawa mo na din?

  64. 64
    materesa Says:

    Sir, yung wimax ko ayaw magconnect pero meron syang signal. signal strength is 46 – 85%. what can i do for that? thanks!

  65. 65
    materesa Says:

    sir, i submitted the details you need. my modem just indicates “Connecting” in the status. although malakas yung signal ng device…

  66. 66
    general Says:

    hi sir,,,,
    baka pd nman po paturo how to change bm622 mac address kc po disconnected na ung globe bm622 wimax ko……posible po ba na pd paltan ng active na mac adrress un..tnx

  67. 67
    Ronaldv Says:

    Sir lj nagawa ko na po need ko lang po yung admin password di po ba pare pareho lang yan admin password ? eto po pala email ko gamit

  68. 68
    Ronaldv Says:

    Sir Lj nagwa ko na po …password lang po ng admin di ko po alam eh….

  69. 69
    regor Says:

    sir.san po ako makakapagdownload first nun firmware??newbie yan po email ko.

  70. 70
    regor Says: lang po pla,

  71. 71
    general Says:

    hi sir,,,,
    baka pd nman po paturo how to change bm622 mac address kc po disconnected na ung globe bm622 wimax ko……posible po ba na pd paltan ng active na mac adrress un..tnx

  72. 72
    Kim Says:

    Meron bang paraan para bumilis ung internet speed?

  73. 73
    DenmarkBulan Says:

    sir, already sent you my email address..hope for your reply.. tnx..

  74. 74
    aljun Says:

    need ko po tulong nyo,about po sa blank wan ng bm622,anu po ba ang solution nito,heheehe pati loob ng wimax ni open kona pero wala parin ng yari,wala na akong option,patulong po,,,,,wait po ako sa reply,needed lang po,tanx sa willing tumolong sa prolem ko

  75. 75
    aljun Says:

    hello sir nag messge na ako but wala parin balita?3weeks na ako sa google la pa din succes sa kaka research ang blank wan ko

  76. 76
    antolin Says:

    patulon pls.. meron ako bm622 na ung Wan is pending request po nakalagay..tulong po..

  77. 77
    ymanz Says:

    sir pwede patulong sa bm622 wimax , pending connection ung Wan nya…

  78. 78
    rigor Says:

    sir bigyan nyu namn aq password sa wimax tnx bm622

  79. 79
    rigor Says:

    sir bigyan nyu nmn aq password sa globe wimax sa admin rights

  80. 80
    kim Says:

    sir panu if 2009 pa my globe wimax is disconnected has to activate it

  81. 81
    kim Says:

    sir panu if 2009 pa my globe wimax is disconnected has to activate it pls pare paturo namN

  82. 82
    Blaze Says:

    Hi! I would like to get admin access. Thanks! Hoping for your reply.

  83. 83
    george Says:

    Sir i was able to access the admin… your such a genious! but the problem is i dont have the right configurations for the ip, DNS, etc. can u help me??? wats the next step from here?

  84. 84
    george Says:

    Sir can u also help me, how to change the mac address/? and how would i know its working?

  85. 85
    bong alburo Says:

    last april i asked for the admin password for my bm622, unfortunately, it doesnt work. would you have any other password i could try? thanks

  86. 86
    James Says:


    Bro check mo maigi yung password, baka may space ka na nailalagay or namimistype mo… to be sure, paresend nung MAC Address mo. Baka dun ka may namistype kaya ayaw gumana ng Password na binigay ko.

  87. 87
    Dale Says:

    Would you know how to get a password for the bm 622i? It is not the blender modem. Thanks

  88. 88
    franco Says:

    sir nag send na po ako sana po …papano po ba pumasok sa admin?

  89. 89
    aziong Says:

    sir puede ko makuha ung ung bm622 admin password updated po etng firware ko wimax tnx

  90. 90
    aziong Says:

    sir admin password ng new updated ng globe wimax

  91. 91
    toxodes Says:

    Sir firmware and admin password of bm622 thanks

  92. 92
    RAEON Says:

    pahingi naman po ng firmware ng bm622i

  93. 93
    ehrmsn Says:


    disconnected na po yung Globe Wimax ko, ask ko lang kung pede pa ba i-connect yun? ask ko sana kung paano. Sabi kasi hackable daw yung BM622 up to now. Nag try naman ako sa pero walang interface na makita….

  94. 94
    Nick Says:

    kuya help po panu ba mag port forward at tsaka po paki mail na po yung admin password dahil mag port forward po ako :( kailangan ko na now kasi gawa ako flyff private server kasu hindi dahil sa port forward :( Hope You Help ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95
    surfnister Says:

    sir nagsubscribe na po ako, paki send naman kung paano mabubuksan admin password. i’m using bm622. thanks po.

  96. 96
    surfnister Says:

    sir pahingi din po ako firmware and admin password of bm622

  97. 97
    sinanglaw Says:

    try mo username: user
    password: user

  98. 98
    Okidoc Says:


    Pa email naman po ng Huawei BM622i Admin Username & Password. Thanks po I will really appreciate your help. More power to you po Sir…

  99. 99
    iavonmore Says:

    sir lj, paturo naman kong paano po mag palit ng mac address. pasend nalang po s email ko sir . thanks po….

  100. 100
    mar Says:

    ser pls paturo naman ng mga procedure kong papano ba buhayin yong bm622 ko,plsssss.for my own used lng to and not for mo ko dito……

  101. 101
    ahzard Says:

    pa send naman sa mail ko ung mac chager ng bm662 at ng bm662i na wala na kse ung site na pinag ddlan ko eh!!
    tx mr lj rnx …

  102. 102

    sir paturo naman kung pano e recoonect un na disconnected model: globe bm622 echolife na disconnect na po kasi e2 noong last year ng november 2010..posible pa po ba mag ka internet ito..? na try q na poh un admin saka un password..naka pag access po aq..kaso d q na alam kung ano sunod na gagawin para ma reconnect xa..pd pa po ba maka connect ang n disconnect na.?

  103. 103
    anzrey Says:

    sir.. pano po mg palit ng mac address? atsaka phingi po admin password pra mka access ako sa modem ko.. tnx po..

  104. 104
    anzrey Says:

    sir.. complito po ako my macmakeup ako at mron din ung pang palit ng mac address.. problima kopo.. ung isa n wimax ko bigla nwlan ng net.. prang n trace nla.. tpos nong eh open ko nrin ung pang palit ng mac. ito po ung lumalabs.. “components ‘MSMASK32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” yan po.. eh hnd n ako mka palit ng mac. anu po ggwin ko? pro mron din ako xtra d2 n wimax.. gumagana nmn po.. ung isa lng ang hnd.. kc hnd ko ma open ung pang palit ng mac.

  105. 105
    Sonny Says:

    Sir. James,
    My problema ko in terms of my BM622 Blank WAN ako e,tapos di ko alam wala na akong signal and net, itong bm622 echolife na disconnect, kailangan ko po ng tulong di ko po alam gagawin e, thanks po in advance!

  106. 106
    Sonny Says:

    Patulong po, dun po sa nakakaalam salamat po, baka makatulong din po ito sa inyo, meron din po akong mac address changer, kaya lang di ko po alam ung admin and password, para maka access sa admin, tulong po!

  107. 107
    Sonny Says:

    Sir. James,
    Pa-email naman po, ung step-by-step kung papaano ang pag-update ng bm622 echolife, wala rin po akong firmware e, di ko po alam kung saan ida-download.

  108. 108
    ahzard Says:

    anzrey bka bm662i yang modem mu ganyan talaga ma wawala ang net nun khit anung gawin mu!!
    taas kse ng suckwave nun eh!!
    kse sa bm662!!

  109. 109
    Benedict V. Gueco Says:

    Sir, pasuyo din po ung step by step kung papaano ang pag update ng bm622, wala rin po akong firmware, paturo nalang po kung saan pwede makuha, yon. Maraming salamat po.

  110. 110 Says:

    sir patulong naman sa black wan bm622 ko step by step po salamat po sir

  111. 111
    Sonny Says:

    Sir. James,
    Ginamit ko na po ung admin and password pero ayaw parin eh, saan ko po b makikita ung CPE Upgrade Firmware, please po, thanks po in advance.

  112. 112
    Sonny Says:

    Ginamit ko na po ung admin and password pero ayaw parin eh, saan ko po b makikita ung CPE Upgrade Firmware,
    Ito ung aking BM622 Software Version: V100R001PHLC08B015 , please po, thanks po in advance. Salamat po

  113. 113
    elvi Says:

    paki send din po sana kung pano ko maa-access ung sa bm662i…
    d ko po kc alam ung username and password sa
    tnx po…

  114. 114
    Echo Says:

    Hi sir, my bm622 firmware is 2011. I can’t access the user mode. How can I change it to 201 firmware? Can you please help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  115. 115
    James Santiago Says:

    Hello! hope na mabigyan mo din ako sir ng admin password para d2 sa Globe Wimax ko! thanks in adnvace!

  116. 116
    wekel Says:

    kuya pasend nmn po saken ng admin pass sa BM622 ko na wimax di ko lng po tlga makita kung pano.. thnx kuya

  117. 117
    John Montefalcon Says:

    sir james pls needed ur expertise, i have a dc bm622 and cant access admin rights thru http ……..and control u or view source it says that it moved to a new address. ive been searching to admin password but in vain. also i have tried many times and has successfully changed the mac add of my dc bm622 it always say that pending disconnection of wan. i’ll be glad if u could help me and would be very thankful in advance on ur every assistance with this matter.

  118. 118
    Mga Kayp Says:

    Sir, nagfill up na po ako… sama po masend dun sa email ko ang password… salamat!

  119. 119
    jayzon Says:

    sir is there a solution po ba pag na blank wan?? tnx

  120. 120
    joms Says:

    just confirmed the request. when can i get the admin account for huawei bm622i? thanks! more power

  121. 121
    Dean Says:

    sir sent ko napo form wait ako reply

  122. 122
    darkprinz Says:

    Meron din ako blank wan na bm622, meron pa ba way para ma-fix ito?thanks

  123. 123
    whill Says:

    Sir,kakasent ko ng form now….waiting for the email and administrator’s account…thanks master…..comment ako if narecive ko or hindi ko pa narerecive.

  124. 124
    spike Says:

    bm622 blanck wan solution

  125. 125
    madds Says:

    sir nasend ko na po.will be waiting. thanks!!

  126. 126
    micxzzz Says:

    boss ako poh alm ko ung password ng admin pero ung package date ko 2009 poh ang naka lagay pag dinadownload ko poh ung cofig file halos wala nmn poh nababago, pag click ko poh ung upgrade sinasabi poh upgrade status abnormal?

  127. 127
    Sindikdato Says:

    Sir, ctrl u n po aq blank po ung password pano po un??
    var UserInfo = new Array(new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.1″,”admin”,””,”2″,”null”),new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.2″,”user”,”user”,”1″,”null”),null);

  128. 128
    Sindikdato Says:

    sir, still waiting for the remedy to my problem.. wla po kasing nakalagay na password sa admin nung inopen q po ung soure code.. what should i do master??..T_T

  129. 129
    Louis James Diaz Says:


    bro kulang yung macaddress na ineneter mo sa form.. just fill it in again and i’ll send the password to your mail.

  130. 130
    Sindikdato Says:

    sir, ganito po kasi un , npitan q n ung mac address successfull aq nung una tpos nagpalit ulit aq ng mac address kc mabgal ung unang mac address n nilagay, tpos un blank n ung password para sa admin..

    var UserInfo = new Array(new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.1″,”admin”,””,”2″,”null”),new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.2″,”user”,”user”,”1″,”null”),null);

    send po ulit aq ng form sa inyu marami pong salamat..

  131. 131
    Sindikdato Says:

    i already sent a form to you sir.. i dont know kung tama ung id n nailagay bali kinopya q lng ung nkalagay s homepage ng user..

    to add more, blank po ung wan mac address q po pero ito ung Lan mac address 30:87:30:C6:6E:8E , ang pinasa q pong MAC address s inyu ay ung nakalagay po s sticker ng wimax rower q na ang dating pong password ay 2008x2CzFWULVWO5

    tpos po nung nagchange po aq ng mac address blank n po ung wan mac address at pati n rin ung admin password sa may source code..

    var UserInfo = new Array(new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.1″,”admin”,””,”2″,”null”),new stUserInfo(“InternetGatewayDevice.UserInterface.X_ATP_UserInfo.2″,”user”,”user”,”1″,”null”),null);

    yan po un..

    i hope you can help me.. marami pong salamat sa tulong, i appreciate it a lot!!

  132. 132
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    yan blank wan ang madalas na problem ng mga users ng huawei bm622.. most often than not ang cause niyan is mabilis na pagpalit ng macaddress. dapat kung magpapalit ka ng macaddress hindi yung sunod sunod. atleast patagalin mo ng mga 10 minutes or more before changing mac again. Ang alam ko lang na solution for the blank wan is to reupload the backed up firmware ng huawei bm622 mo.. Back up firmware is a must before changing mac. Yun ang madalas na neneglect ng mga nagpapalit ng mac. kung wala kang backup firmware, you can ask some other huawei bm622 users kung meron silang backup firmware ng huawei bm622 na working and you can try using that.

  133. 133
    Sindikdato Says:

    marami pong salamat sir… try q n lng po muna mag browse s internet kung makakakita aq ng firmare.. meron aq d2 firm ware para s pagpapalit ng mac address ung ginamit q s pagchange ng mac add q..

    salamat po ulit sir..

  134. 134
    madds Says:

    sir panu po pala kung 2011 ung package mo…:( inde kasi gumagana eh..

  135. 135
    mar Says:

    sir pa send naman po kung papano po ba yong procedure sa pagpapalit ng mac add or paano po ba papaganahin uli yong bm622 ko.salamat po.e mail mo lng ako.

  136. 136
    den-den Says:

    sir panu iconfigure ang BM622i? di sya kapareho ng bm622..pahelp nmn sir

  137. 137
    jedzs Says:

    sir baka po meron kang firmware ng BM622 need ko lang ko kc ncra po ung firmware ko

    salamat po!

  138. 138
    jedzs Says:

    meron po bang nakakaalam kung mare repair pa ung BM622 modem, LAN indicator lng po kc ang may ilaw, ung iba wala na kahit un power indicator wala na rin.

    Thanks in advance!

  139. 139
    Edmund Says:

    meron po bang nakakaalam kung mare repair pa ung BM622 modem, LAN indicator lng po kc ang may ilaw, ung iba wala na kahit un power indicator wala na rin. ( same problem) pls help

    Thanks in advance!

  140. 140
    ram Says:

    sir baka po meron kang firmware ng BM622 need ko lang ko kc ncra po ung firmware ko pa pm naman po..

    salamat po!

  141. 141
    macario Says:

    Same Problem po!..

    meron po bang nakakaalam kung mare repair pa ung BM622 modem, LAN indicator lng po kc ang may ilaw, ung iba wala na kahit un power indicator wala na rin. ( same problem) pls help

    Thanks in advance!

  142. 142
    kordovo Says:

    sir same problem din poh blank na yung wan mac address pag e check ko blocked na xa… at ala na din akong makitang pass ng admin

    pa help namn po


  143. 143
    EB Says:

    Sir, nagsign-up na ko. Hope for your reply. Thanks.

  144. 144
    king Says:

    Same Problem po!..

    meron po bang nakakaalam kung mare repair pa ung BM622 modem, LAN indicator lng po kc ang may ilaw, ung iba wala na kahit un power indicator wala na rin. ( same problem) pls help

    Thanks in advance!

  145. 145
    Elvin Says:

    Sir akin ung Wimax 1 port CPE. panu un. kakalagay lang. panu i hack.

  146. 146
    albert Says:

    sir pwedi po ba patulong kung paano i setup and globad broadband bm622 gusto ko kc palitan mga setting nito.

  147. 147
    David Says:

    Hi Just following up on the password request. Thx

  148. 148
    hitman27reborn Says:

    sir tagal ko na naga wait for the password san na po?

  149. 149
    Louis James Diaz Says:

    PW Sent!

    PW Sent!

  150. 150
    hitman27reborn Says:

    sir LJ ive recieved the PW already the(kung minamalas ka naman nga talga) d ko na maaccess ang telnet at GUI ko sa BM622 modem ko nag kaganito nung nag palit ako ng mac address na knuha ko sa mac address nakasulat sa LAN dun sa GUI ko… sir help nyo po ako dito! aanhin ko pa PW ko kung wala na d ko na maaccess GUI ko… sir sa tingin nyu po ba pag pnalitan ko firmware ko maaus to? at sa tingin nyu po ba pag nag palit ang ng firmware ibang password nanamn kelangan ko?

  151. 151
    Justine Says:

    Sir gusto ko rin po nyan


  152. 152
    Romar Unciano Says:

    Sir, meron lang po ako katanungan, bago lang nakapagsubscribe ng wimax, a week ago pa lang. Yung firmware version po ay V100R001PHLC08B024 which is ang alam ko ay ang updated firmware nila. Paano makuha ang password para sa admin priveledge? Di po maaccess ang hidden utility(telnet, invalid password din pag gamitan ng password generator. May paraan po ba para maaccess ang admin? last po, bakit kailangang ipost ang mac dito? anong assurance po na hindi magagamit ng iba?

  153. 153
    wizard48 Says:

    sir tulungan niyo nmn ako..yong bm622 ko na blank wan po xa..pano ko po uli mapapgana?help ko kyo kung knkailangan.tenx po in advance

  154. 154
    wizard48 Says:

    sir ang bm622 ko po na blank wan na nmn ko po kyo kng knkailngan.tenx po in advance

  155. 155
    wizard48 Says:

    e2 po no ko..09087142728 email ko…sir wait ko ha..thank you po.

  156. 156
    Marlon Says:

    sir wait ko po ung admin pass..

  157. 157
    marlon Says:

    sir tapos ko na gawin procedure send mo na po sa akin….

  158. 158
    happy22qt Says:

    Hello po! Ask ko lang kung ma-detect ba ng Globe na iniba ko yung MAC address ng WiMax ko para tumaas ang speed ko from 512Kbps to 1Mbps? Active yung service ko. Thank you!

  159. 159
    Jonryl Magallanes Says:


    Please Help!!!! this is my email address. Please can u show me how to go to that admin mode with my BM622?

    Thanks and more power…

  160. 160
    john paul Says:

    Sir,meron po ako BM622 wimax modem,kapareho ng firmware version sa inyo,hindi na po maka-connect..need ko po help nyo for the updated firmware po,,admin password,pls po tulungan mo kami…maraming salamat po..!

  161. 161
    dexter Says:

    helo sir here’s my email hope u can send me the admin passwrd for my wimax bm622 2010 firmware..thank you so much..

  162. 162
    cj Says:

    bro maybe you can send me too HUAWEI BM622i

  163. 163
    Rex Says:

    pa send naman po d2 thx very much

  164. 164
    silas27 Says:

    I would like to receive the password. this is my email add :

  165. 165
    ricky de leon Says:

    I’d be glad to have an admin user ID and password for my wimax bm622 2010 firmware. thank you in advance.

  166. 166
    ricky de leon Says:

    I’m not receiving anything yet… still waiting for user id and password… thanks

  167. 167
    geraldine Says:

    hi sir , help me can’t access the admin password of our Gt broadband Huawei BM622 . salamat

  168. 168
    geraldinge Says:

    Hi sir, can’t access BM622i admin password . it was installed 4 months ago . don’t know the firmware version . thanks

  169. 169
    dhonne Says:

    here’s my email..tnx

  170. 170
    geraldine Says:

    hello sir , i can’t access to admin password of my BM622i . can you help me . thanks

  171. 171
    james Says:


    please help me get my admin pass for bm622 modem

    Happy new year

  172. 172
    ronron Says:

    cant access admin of globe bm622i. plz help. tnx

  173. 173
    jay Says:

    please send me the admin and password tnx

  174. 174
    aiko hansel Says:

    pls sent me user name and pw for my BM622 thanks tanks a lot appy new year thanks

  175. 175
    ronron Says:

    kindly send me d admin & password of bm622i. tnx tol. more power

  176. 176
    ronron Says:

    sir, ung bm622i ko po e ung slim indi po ung blender type. saka san ko po makikita ung device i.d.?

  177. 177
    json Says:

    pa send po admin and pass. ng bm622i tsaka kung panu po iconfig para ma access to unlimited internet..ang disconnected na salamat po..

  178. 178
    Em Says:

    I am interested in the admin password of the BM622. I also like to know what tweaks can be done on it. I am not a techie, so I am going to need a little help. Thanks.

  179. 179
    burn Says:

    sir malaking tulong po sa akin yan at sa mga anak ko disconnected na po kasi account namin sa globe pero po yung modem dito parin po kaso di po ma gamit password generator para ma access ang admin ayaw po sa telnet di po ma access
    para mapalitan ng mac sana po matulungan nyo ko ang password po nya ay yung 0SlO051O salamat po uli sir/maam eto po contact number ko 09053808056 salamat po

  180. 180
    burn Says:

    sir/maam yung modem po bm622 username po “user” password “0SlO051O” salamat po uli

  181. 181
    lowell Says:

    send me the admin. password for my huwei bm622

  182. 182
    Julius Says:

    Sir, pa send naman po ng admin password para sa 622i 2011 package. Legit user ako. Pinalitan kasi ng globe tech yung modem ko last week kasi nasira na. 622 gamit ko dati.

    Kelangan ko lang admin password para mabago ibang settings sa modem namin. Particularly yung scanset. yun lang purpose ko. thanks.

  183. 183
    marko Says:

    hi po sir/madam
    pde po ba homingi nang bagong psswrd sa bm622.
    ayaw po kc nang lumang passwrd tnx

  184. 184
    marko Says:

    tnx po w8 ko po tnx nyo

  185. 185
    Gian Says:

    Sir, pahingi naman admin password ng bm622 2011 package po,
    nasubmit ko na po sa step 2 yung mac add at device id, thanks..

  186. 186
    khin Says:

    boss..p.send ng password at steps pano gawin..nagdownload na po ako ng firmware..steps nlang kung ano ang ilalagay sa username at password ko
    !! salamat..p.send ng password agen..tnx

  187. 187
    mhogz Says:

    sir.. bkt lagi dns look up failed.. 3days na po.. anu po pde kong gawin

  188. 188
    Mar Says:

    feedback naman po sa mga successful na nakuha ang admin password..

  189. 189
    shiniboii Says: can u send me the admin Pass ?? for BM622

  190. 190
    dhexter Says:

    sir can u please send me admin password for bm622 package 2011…thanks..

  191. 191
    Marizon Saldivar Says:

    sir, paki send po admin password para sa BM622. thanks po.

  192. 192
    Christine Says:

    sir, nakapag register na po ako and nakapagsubscribe. di ko nga lng po alam ang device id kc di po maccess ang web interface.

    pakiupdate nyo na lng po ako through email.

  193. 193
    Randy Says:

    sir pano kumuha ngupdate firmware sa naganang bm622?thkns

  194. 194
    Randy Says:

    sir pahingi naman po ng firmware ng bm622 na blank wan po kc ung akin.thks
    send nng po

  195. 195
    ak2rkiller Says:

    sir anu po ang naka lagay sa NAI ng bm622 kc bka dun ang problem ng blank wan kailangan lng po cguro ntin ilagay at i apply un,khit wala ng firmware
    un yata ung R_rico_ ganyan ndi q lng po masyado kbisao un,bka meron po kyo nun pa see naman po khit wag nio na po ilagay un genarate na password. thks

  196. 196
    abger Says:

    sir can u help me for my huawei BM662

  197. 197
    abger Says:

  198. 198
    mark daryl Says:

    can’t log in po using user mode. i need your help..thx

  199. 199
    queenie Says:

    i need the admin pw pLease ….. heLp ! thank you :)

  200. 200
    Andrew Says:

    sir pano po maibabalik yung wan?na blank po kasi sakin ehh..:(

  201. 201
    ranev Says:

    need to have admin password of my huawie modem

  202. 202
    mark Says:

    how to access admin password? pls help

  203. 203
    abj27 Says:

    sir blank solution po

  204. 204
    alfred Says:

    pahelp sir new firm ware po yan 2011 penge ng admin password

  205. 205
    blueanarchy Says:


    Please help me activate my Wimax I I have two different wimax. one is a blender type the other is has canopy. Please help me..

  206. 206
    aj Says:

    sir, pa help naman admin password ng bm622 2010 package sir.. plss…

  207. 207
    cris Says:

    yan sir yan ung email ko penge password ng admin tnx…….

  208. 208
    cris Says:

    ding dong pasend po skin

  209. 209
    JB Says:

    SIR Pwede po malaman ung user name at pasword ng 2011 na wimax bm662i tn ito email ko

  210. 210
    mark Says:

    yan ang email ko pre pa send skin ang pass ng admin..

  211. 211
    kramnier Says:

    sir can u share it here my email

    thanks po salamat,

  212. 212
    Darwin D. Anguay Says:

    sir, kindly help. me ipo port forward kasi sana ako. kelangan ko po ang admin password. pls help po.

  213. 213
    blood Says:

    pahingi po ako sir.

  214. 214
    louie Says:

    sir na sned ko na po ung details ng modem ko bm622 latest version, need ko lng ang pass.

  215. 215
    joph Says:

    sir,can i have the admin password for the 2011 bm622 version:V100R001PHLC08B024



  216. 216
    wenkz Says:

    sir.. pasend naman po nung procedure .. salamat po ..

  217. 217
    jim Says:

    sir can u send the access to my email…


  218. 218
    tatski Says:

    sir,, pkisend nman po ng username at password para sa admin account bm622 2010 upgraded firmware,,, at solution po para sa blankwan..

  219. 219
    Jim Brown Says:

    Please provide password for the BA1622


  220. 220
    joey Says:

    hi sir, just would like to know kung may pag-asa pa blank wan na bm622? and if you can teach me how to repair it? thanks in advance

  221. 221
    kram Says:

    idol bka pweeng magkahingi ng tulong…. pa send nmn po ang pass at user ng bm622I thx idol

  222. 222
    Theo Says:

    sir…pwede po ba makahingi ng username at password sa bm622? salamat po.

  223. 223
    Theo Says:

    ito po yung email address ko.. ( paki send na lang po… maraming salamat po…

  224. 224
    blank wan Says:

    sir patulong naman about wan, block po sya eh… thanks and advance

  225. 225
    Jeffrey Says:

    Sir pa help naman po sa admin password ng bm62ii. pa send na lang po sa email ko salamat

  226. 226
    Luca Says:

    ID: user
    PWD: user

  227. 227
    juan Says:

    sir pano ba gagawin ko sa bm622 blinking 3wimax led sabay sabay po every 2 seconds,tnx in advance!

  228. 228
    natz Says:

    sir bka pedeng pa help aq..d kasi binigay ng globe ung user and pass sa bm622 .pano ko ba malalaman un

  229. 229
    Louisse Says:

    psend poh :)

  230. 230
    Egie Says:

    mga sir pwde maka henge ng working na mac para sa bm622 text nyo po ako

  231. 231
    angelo Says:

    sir pa send nman ng details sa 622 na upgraded ..(user and pass) tnx n advnce

  232. 232
    mark Says:


    Pa-request naman po admin password ng bm622. thanks

  233. 233
    angelo Says:

    Pa-request naman po admin password ng bm622 upgraded. thanks

  234. 234
    chris Says:

    gumagana ba to sa BM622i? an 2011 ang package date

  235. 235
    lemuel Says:

    hello.. penge po pasword thanks

  236. 236
    lemuel Says:

    here’s my no 09166966132 pls txt me thanks

  237. 237
    wilma Says:

    request po ng admin password bm622

  238. 238
    bryan Says:

    sir pahingi nmn po ng user at pass sa bm622 2011, ung wimax at wimax*** wala epek po

  239. 239
    haro Says:


    prequest naman ng admin password!!user interface lang kz naboboksan ko!thanks

  240. 240
    haro Says:

    622i po pla sir

  241. 241
    jojo Says:

    sir pa send naman admin password for bm622 2010 package… thank you in advance

  242. 242
    dan Says:

    Sir nagsubscribed na po ako, pasend nmn po ng password

  243. 243
    jake Says:

    sir pahingi nman po user at pass ng bm622 upgraded

  244. 244
    den Says:

    sir ano po ung password ng 2010 package

  245. 245
    den Says:

    sir ngfill up npo ako

  246. 246
    RONALD Says:

    pa request po ng admin mode ng globe huawei bm622, maraming salamat po, kasi po sobrang bagal ng speed nila sa akin.

  247. 247
    Mike Says:

    Sir nagpadala na ako ng email add,
    maraming salamat po

  248. 248
    aikol Says:

    sir gud am got 3 disconnected wimax bm622(2011)….pls. email me the admin pass. it would be a great help.. tnx

  249. 249
    Warren Says:

    pa send po sir

  250. 250
    Noel Says:

    aikol! gusto mo tulungan kitang ma open yan bm622 mo…:))

  251. 251
    huawei de guzman Says:

    sir nagpadala na po ako ng email add para po password generator sana po makakuha na ako salamat po

  252. 252
    Sixth Says:

    sir na chachange mac pa ba ung bagong firmware naun ng bm622

  253. 253
    whell Says:

    sir gud am got 3 disconnected wimax bm622(2011)….pls. email me the admin pass. it would be a great help.. tnx

  254. 254
    whell Says:

    sir gud am got disconnected wimax bm622(2011)….pls. email me the admin pass.

    kailangan ko lang po talaga idol, paki send nlng poh sa email ko… salamat poh…

  255. 255
    akiibalat Says:

    sir madam..meron po ako globe modem wimax BM622 panu po b mllaman ang username at password nun…gusto q kc mgamit eh..100mbps p nmn kpag nka plug sya nmn po !! w8 q po response nyo tnx..

  256. 256
    akiibalat Says:

    help nmn s pag upgrade ng wimax ko bm622 model 2009

  257. 257
    nonoy Says:

    Hello po sir ano po admin password ng 2010 pckge pa help..

  258. 258
    nonoy Says:

    hello sir tpos n po ako ngfill up..pls po help nmn dyan sir…hito po email add ko

  259. 259
    larry Says:

    bro padalhan moko ng admin password ng bm622 and bm622i

  260. 260
    kira Says:

    sir pa help naman pa hingi tips pra ma activate ung username passowrd ng bm 622 2010 model thanks po

  261. 261
    Leandro Says:

    Sir… Nakapagsend Nah Poh Ako Thanks

  262. 262
    Chad Says:

    sir…panu maus ang blank wan na bm622 sakin kc wula ung wan nya eh un lang ang prob kaya d aq mkaconnetct sa net…panu ausin to sir w8 q nlng reply u sir tnx…

  263. 263
    Chad Says:

    ahm padalan mo din aq ng admin ng bm622 sir package 2009 ung akin eh tnx…

  264. 264
    James Says:

    SIR PA ELP NMN PO , MAKUHA TO 2011 firm ware BM622 admin password PAKI SENT PO SA EMAIL KO , TY ASAP PO TY ^^

  265. 265
    GODSPEAK Says:

    sir patulong namn regarding on my bm622 2011 paanu po ba sya idowngrade ata paanu ko xa ma change mac at paanu ko po xa irereconect pm me please

  266. 266
    fred Says:

    sir bka pde penge nmn po ng password generator salamat po

  267. 267
    mar Says:

    brod i have a bm622 globe line.patay na to dati,tapos ngnayon na e try ko umilaw yong lan.pero di po ako maka pasok gamit or something para ma access ko ang account to change mac.may paraan paba to reconnect this? salamat po brod.sana ma e share mo sakin ang paraan ,salamat uli.

  268. 268
    manlors Says:

    sir, details sent po tnx

  269. 269
    eds Says:

    yong may problema sa bm622 2011 or yong di maka change mac or ma access kontakin nyo ko pero may bayad pang ako gumawa ha… :)

  270. 270
    jimmy Says:

    sir baka pwede yu rin po ninyo ako tulungan kung papaano po maggenerate ng admin password ng bm622i modem 2011 po maramng salamat po

  271. 271
    Brian Says:

    Sir, pwede pahingi ng password sa administrator po? i have bm622 2010 firmware po…salamat po talaga ng marami…

    please send it to my email:

    God bless po..

  272. 272
    Brian Says:

    Sir, i have bm622 2010 firmware po.. pwede pahingi ng password for administrator po? salamat po talaga sir…

    pls send it nalang po sa email ko:

    thanks a million po

  273. 273
    Xnek AdivRaS Says:

    sir penge ng firmware 2010 or 2011 po sir .thnxx pra ma update ko tong wimax ko..thnx po

  274. 274
    nathan saringan Says:

    sir kindly send me username and password? i will be waiting. thnks.

  275. 275
    brandon Says:

    sir pahing naman akong password ng 622 na 2012

  276. 276
    brandon Says:

    ako din password ng bm622 2011 package date parang awa muna.

  277. 277
    koks999 Says:

    ser sakin din po pakisend salamat po

    eto po email ko :

  278. 278
    hotmole3 Says:

    heres mine… please send me… ty… advance…

  279. 279
    aster Says:

    sir penge naman ako ng admin password ng bm622m or 622i na 2012 tnx w8 ko po sa email ko… :]]

  280. 280
    jay Says:

    Sir, i verified my email. Please send it to my Email:
    Thank You for the advance :D

  281. 281
    roxanne Says:

    ako din password ng bm622 2011 package date parang awa muna..mga kuya?

  282. 282
    skyeONLINE Says:

    Sir, i have bm622 2010 firmware po.. pwede pahingi ng password for administrator po? salamat po talaga sir…

    pls send it nalang po sa email ko

  283. 283
    Battle Says:

    do you have admin passwords for no updated firmware or is it the same? with the updated one?

  284. 284
    wolf Says:

    sir pa send po s email ko po ng admin password ng bm622 upgrade may 2012

  285. 285
    jhan Says:

    0946418380 txt nyu ako mkakaktulong ako

  286. 286
    takz Says:

    ako dn po sir penge ng login ng bm 622 2010 at 2011..tnx

  287. 287
    ofeg Says:

    need this pls…Huawei BM622 Admin Password. please send to

  288. 288
    DARWIN Says:

    sir pwede po makahing ng user and password para sa bm622m ko thanks sir,,,,
    october 12 ung package date..

  289. 289
    xymo08 Says:

    sir pahingi bm622 password

  290. 290
    NianneChelle Salvador Says:

    Sir pa pm naman po ng admin password ko bm622 2011 update tnx in advance…..

  291. 291
    richlee Says:

    sir pa send nmn ng admin pass ng bm622 2011

  292. 292
    aishin122990 Says:

    Hi, p help nman boss, i sent all necessary info and forms. will wait for the reply. thanks.

  293. 293
    joseph Says:

    paturo po kung pano magbub sa globe promo sa internet

  294. 294
    joey Says:

    sir paki send nalang po d2 yung admin password thx ng marami po..

  295. 295
    allan de castro Says:

    ano poh ung login password bm622i 09084013303 tnks poh\]

  296. 296
    sid Says:

    sir penge po password sa admin at user

  297. 297
    xymo08 Says:

    sir ano ang NAI ng BM622

  298. 298
    vlan88 Says:

    help me… d ko ma access admin account ng ecolife BM622 ko.

  299. 299
    ching dela pena Says:

    pa help nman po sa admin password pa send mo thanks

  300. 300
    JC Says:

    sir.. pa send po ng password sa bm622 .. thanks.. ang email ko .. salamat ..

  301. 301
    arnold Says:

    sir ineee help in my bm622 wan blank can ugive mesoluton?
    i hav my email addrress

  302. 302
    mac Says:

    sir ano po admin password ng bm622? pls pki help… email ko…

  303. 303
    Reymund Sustiguer Says:

    please send the admin password of bm622

  304. 304
    lennix Says:

    sir, patulong po pano mag log in as admin? na blank wan kasi modem ko.

  305. 305
    olledo Says:

    please email back thanks

  306. 306
    robert Says:

    Sir , ang gamit ko tabo dati nakakapasok ako sa account gamit ang “user” ang password ngayon hindi na ako makapasok. baka kako nag upgrade ang Globo . paki tulong naman. Thanks

  307. 307
    bon salinas Says:

    i would like to request for Huawei BM622 Admin Password

  308. 308
    jeff Says:

    na confirm ko na po sir kasi po di ako makpag palit ng frequency nabago yung gui ko thanks

  309. 309
    edbert Says:

    sir good pm blank wan po ang bm622 ko can you help me to activate my bm622. thank you po

  310. 310
    edbert Says:

    sir good pm blank wan po ang bm622 ko paki-help naman po para ma-activate ulit..thanks

  311. 311
    ichiroushin Says:

    Hi po. bm622m 2013 po, pa-help sa admin access sa GUI.

  312. 312
    valky24 Says:

    .hi po sir… bm622 help po admin access..thank you..

  313. 313
    valky24 Says:

    .hi po sir… bm622 help po admin access..thank you..


  314. 314
    maic Says:

    Hi, this is my Echolife Globe BM622 WiMax 2011-05-10
    Please help me with Admin password, thanks

  315. 315
    salvador pueblo Says:

    good day sir, help po sa bm622 admin account, tia

  316. 316
    maki Says:

    hi sir…
    bm622 2010.
    help po admin access..
    thank you

  317. 317
    fastt Says:

    Hi po pa help ma access admin ng echolife bm622 2013 po

  318. 318
    fastt Says:

    pa help ma access admin ng bm622 2013

  319. 319
    Vince Says:

    Package Date : 2010-07-17

    help po sa admin user and admin password

    thanks po…….

  320. 320
    Jessica Says:

    bm622m po yong sa akin… help admin

  321. 321
    Phcorner Says:

    Pa see ako

  322. 322
    rontui Says:

    pa hingi po nung password ng BM622 2013 po. salamat!

  323. 323
    Anon Says:

    The admin password of TELNET Bm622i is 0SlO051O
    UserName: user

  324. 324
    john Says:

    penge nman po admin password for bm622 2009

  325. 325
    ReyNino Says:

    sir pahingi naman ako ng password ng bm822 ung admin po ahh salamat po sir. kelangan ko lang po para sa tunggle

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