Globe Wireless Broadband New IP Addresses?

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

I didn’t know when this came up or whether Globe Wireless Broadband has already rolled out some new IP addresses for quite sometime now, but this is the first time in like a year since they added new IP Addresses since the last time that I noticed new IP addresses for Globe Wireless Broadband users was almost a year ago.

Globe Wireless Broadband New IP

By the way the new IP Address that I have got is and I dont know if this has other IP Blocks in the same range as the old ones that uses the 120.28.8.XX like,, etc…and I have yet to find out whether this new IP for Globe Wireless users are faster than the former ones.

I would observe for a few days first if this new IP Address block would outperform other old IP addresses of Globe Wireless Broadband or not. If you happen to have the same IP as mine, would you care to share whether the new IP performs better on your side on the comments below?

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5 Responses to “Globe Wireless Broadband New IP Addresses?”

  1. 5
    axel Says:

    where i put the ip adress

  2. 4
    arvin Says:

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  3. 3
    arvin Says:

    please email to me the latest globe tattoo hack steps by steps . . please . .please . ..,

  4. 2
    moto_miko Says:

    Where can I put the IP?
    email me pls…

  5. 1
    Yoshii Akihisa Says:

    well this comment may be late but those ip’s you mention are not available to me and the ip’s I get now are and

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