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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

If you were looking for ways on how to Hack your Globe Tattoo, well I regret to tell you that I do not know any Globe Tattoo Hacks, but I know some ways on how to Tweak your Globe Tattoo.

This might seem similar to Globe Wireless Broadband Tweak for the ZTE MF600 Modem, since the Globe Tattoo Tweak is also focused on changing the DNS addresses to be able to make you Globe Tattoo surfing experience much more pleasurable.

A little note though since I have only tried this on the Globe Tattoo Prepaid, and it works fine on my end. I cannot guarantee if it would also work for you since there are many variables to consider too like your location, signal strength and whatnot.

First off is to edit your Network Option located at your Globe Tattoo Connection Interface, click the Network Management and edit the default settings and then click on the Advanced Tab, and you would be able to see the DNS window. change it from Auto DNS to Manual DNS, and enter any 2 of the DNS addreses that is compatible for Globe.

Save your changes and try to connect to the internet. A note though that you would need to edit the settings while you are disconnected from the internet since you would not be able to edit such settings if you are connected int e first place.

Im going to update this post with screenshots since I do not have the Globe Tattoo at hand at the moment. Suffice for you to know that the Globe Tattoo Hack that you were looking for is not available but a Tweak for your Globe Tattoo would do the trick.

Maybe at some point you were looking for ways on How to Open Line your Globe Tattoo modem, well I think that is possible but the problem is that I do not know how to.

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147 Responses to “Globe Tattoo Hack | Tweak”

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  1. 147

    will give me a step by step process on how to hack my globe tatoo broadband “3G “?

  2. 146
    Jed Says:

    Hindi po mapalitan yung DNS setting static. Help

  3. 145
    darren Says:

    pano b unlmitted surf s globe tattoo?

  4. 144
    Jay Says:


    Mag wowork din ba kung punta lang ako ng Tools tapos Options tapos baguhin ung 3g preferred to 3g only.. tapos apply…


  5. 143
    Adine Says:

    I tried it not working in globe. Openline nlang ur globe modem use smart sim. maka unli kana use ultrasurf, TOR and Gpass.

  6. 142
    anzrey Says:

    kong cnu nmn taga mindanao.. ako contakin nyo.. help ko kau sa unli surfing.. at unlock modem, or reconnect ng wimax nyo.. email nlng kau skin..

  7. 141
    Kryzza Says:

    mine is huawei. :) it doesnt workkkk :( its slow. help!

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