Globe Tattoo Hack Tweak Update

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Here’s an update for the Globe Tattoo Hack or might as well we can call it a Globe Tattoo Tweak since it deals with tweaking your Globe Tattoo USB Stick to perform at its utmost performance.

Here is what I do to tweak and/or hack my Globe tattoo.

  • Insert you Globe Tattoo to your PC / Laptop and let the Globe Tattoo Interface initiate. Once initiated, make sure that your Globe Tattoo is not connected yet, and then go to Tools then choose Options.


  • Once your inside the Options window, choose Profile Management and choose “New” and you’ll get to the window below.
  • Under the Profile Name, you can opt to choose any kind of name you want for that connection.
  • Under the APN box, choose the Static Option and enter on the APN Field
  • Under the Authentication Box put *99***1# on the access number box. There is no need to input anything on the username and password fields.


  • after setting everything up, click the advanced button and change the DNS Settings to “static” type your preferred DNS in the fields. Click here for a list of Globe DNS values applicable for Globe Internet.


  • After that, click Ok and then click Save on the right panel. Also don’t forget to set it as default. Once you go back to the Globe Tattoo interface, the new Globe Tattoo Network Profile would now be available on the dropdown menu.

You can now choose it and use it when connecting your Globe Tattoo to the internet. I named mine Special DNS like the one below.

So that’s it, that is how my Globe Tattoo Hack Tweak, if you know any other tweaks then you can share using the comment feild below.

Note though, this works for me but I cannot guarantee that it would work for you… Dont intend to do this if you are going to complain to me if it does not work. Do the Globe Tattoo Hack – Tweak at your own risk.

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211 Responses to “Globe Tattoo Hack Tweak Update”

  1. 1
    Mcabansay Says:

    Hi, there. Saw your site today, was actually checking mypldt dsl then I decided to check on any sites with a search for globe tattoo. Anyway, tried your suggestion above but couldn’t find the ADVANCE settings. How come I don’t see that? Would appreciate your feedback.


  2. 2
    ariel Says:

    Sir puede rin ba to sa E160 model globetattoo?

  3. 3
    Michael Says:

    Sir does this work with the Visibility MF626?

  4. 4
    kokok Says:

    asteeg toh.. galing.. unlimited free internet access>>

  5. 5
    ayesha Says:

    hello can u txt me up 09359284755 coz i dnt know how to use it and my usb is visibility :( please help me text e

  6. 6
    thennek Says:

    effectivE!!!!!! nice try

  7. 7
    Markyyy Says:

    Sinabi After Authenticating :

    Error 619 : A Connection To the Remote Computer Could Not Be Established, So The Port Used For this Connection Was Closed.

    Email Me At :

  8. 8
    bods Says:

    ok to ah.. effective sakin. panu mo to nalaman?

  9. 9
    ulric Says:

    is this still working??? kylangan pa ba may lod ka pra mka tweak??

  10. 10
    rhane17 Says:

    mr lj… ano po kaya problem sa tattoo,,,,,, open dns ung gnagamit ko, pero sinubukan ko na lahat ng dns, pero parang pareparehas lang… walang maopen na site…. as in nothing at all… tnx… hop u can help me..

  11. 11
    ius Says:

    panu pag gprs lng ung connection?, kya p rin b ng tweak p bilisin?,
    help nmn. . .panu b gawin ung zero balance pwede b dn mag net. . . .tnx a LOT. . . .

  12. 12
    GI Says:

    Kailangan ba ‘0’ Zero Balance? kasi nagbawas yung akin kasi may load pa ako.

  13. 13
    damnwolfhunter Says:

    dude nagwork cya kaso problem is the time frame you need to disconnect after 15mins in our area there is also no differents in using in the postpaid settings different is there is a dns settings…..dude please update us in terms of the time frame connection

  14. 14
    AlmostAWebNotepad Says:

    yay… just purchased my stick and it’s working like a dsl connection…

    bacoor cavite area…

    lotsa thanks!

  15. 15
    stephen Says:

    to force your connection to use HSDPA, go to Tools-Options-Network.
    then under Network Type, choose WCDMA only instead of WCDMA preferred.
    make sure you switch it back if u don’t have 3g signal! :)

  16. 16
    Rojan Says:

    its not working on me…

  17. 17
    hell prince Says:

    anything bout how to boost up my internet connection? i’m using globe tattoo kit and it suck!

  18. 18
    ReeVe Says:

    hmm….i already know the tweak of this globe tatoo even i havent read this blog..but the tweak i know is just forcing the browser to search.. and the globe tatoo internet will release…and only works 8-22 mins for me…then i had read this blog and tried it … for me it doesnt work so much..but i found a new tweak…..i have a smartbro installed in my pc ..then i plung in my6 globe tatoo to my pc..then i started smartbro….then i created a new profile just what u had made above then i connect using smart bro ..then it works it tweaks…..still 8-22 mins :D…

  19. 19
    ReeVe Says:

    my globe tatoo is g.i.joe…damn i guess its a waste of money..its is 99% hsdpa signal but stil dont reach at least 500 kbps XD… says in my modem when signal reached hsdpa it is 700 kbps – 2mbps but mine dont reach at least 500 kbps XD…

  20. 20
    StranGe Says:

    does anyone know how to tweak G.I.Joe easier modem E1552….

  21. 21
    StranGe Says:

    does anyone know how to connect my adsl connection back by tweaking it..???…kase pinaputol mama ko adsl globe ehhhh …eh ang bagal nmn nang globe tatoo ko kea gus2 ko sana malaman kung pede ma tweak itong globe adsl ko..??

  22. 22
    gaya2x Says:

    sir pwede rin ba sa E1552 yugn tweak?

  23. 23
    aris Says:

    sir james i need your help regarding globe tattoo tweak… i have a g.i.joe usb kit pero na try ko na lahat ng DNS but still i cant browse to any websites…. skype lang ang gumagana… pls i really need your help… ill wait for your reply… more power… thanks a lot

  24. 24
    eli Says:

    wahooooooo!!! ikaw ang LORD ng net!!! lufet mo pa kiss nga!!!

    tol eli me!!! sana magtagal pa toh!!

    add me pre

    i love you pre

  25. 25
    casper Says:

    huwoooow!!!! galing mo!!!!! maraming thanks pero bkit pagdating ng 15mins nacucut ang connection?

  26. 26
    aris Says:

    repa thanks a lot gumagana na sakin…… dati ayaw pero ngayun ok na.. salamat ng marami…. pag kailangan nyo ng tulong regarding smart bro dsl email me….

  27. 27
    weng Says:

    panu po kpg 2g or 3g signal lng meron ako>

  28. 28
    criss Says:

    hello po. i did all the instruction that was you post but still i cant use it. ano po ba ang dapat ilagay dun sa ip? kc ung ip lng po n nasa taas ang hindi ko malagayan ng ip address. please turuan nyo po ako kc gus2 ko po tlaga mkuha ung tamang instruction. can you pls eamil me at marami pong salamat

  29. 29
    criss Says:

    pwede ko po ba mkuha cel nyo pra makapagtanong po ako snyo tru net kc po hindi ko po tlga mapagana ung tweak. my globe tatto model is E160E Comptaible po ba ito s tweak? ito po ang cel number ko 09063479353. tnx po…

  30. 30
    louie Says:

    pa2long nmn po sir,,nung una nggwa ko po yung tweak,,pero ngaun di cia effective,ayw npo mgconnect? npncn ko po mhna n yung signal ng globe kya tingn ko yun yung main problem kya ayw n gmna ng tweak.2lungan nio po sna ako..eto po yung email slamt po

  31. 31
    mike Says:

    Tol…free talaga ba xa?..
    reply po

  32. 32
    darL Says:

    effective po ba e2??
    kz nssyang load q..putol2x nlang parati..huhu

  33. 33
    john312012 Says:

    my update po ba kau d2??txt me..09264988673

  34. 34
    jelo Says:

    not na sya effective..d na gumagana

  35. 35
    kenneth Says:

    sir… pede po ba makakuha ng new update nyo?? globe tattoo hack po ung pede na mag bypass d na po nag lolod.. ahm e2 po e-mail ko “” or txt me sa number po nato 09267944106

  36. 36
    jade Says:

    sir paano po talaga makakuha ng unlimited browsing sa tattoo??..salamat po..ngaun kpo lang ito nabrowse.

  37. 37
    mahal Says:

    Regarding globe tattoo, can i use smart or sun simcard on this?

  38. 38
    sheena Says:

    di sya effective sakin.. huhu.. how come??.. tsk tsk

  39. 39
    Joe Says:

    Hi po, tulongan nyo poh ako hindi po gumagana, sinunod ko poh lahat ng instructions, ayaw parin,.. globe tattoo poh. please sir tulungan mo ‘ko. here’s my email and my number 09164148342… tnx ni advance……

  40. 40
    ljuno Says:

    tsk! di naman yan working ah! sayang.!

  41. 41
    aris Says:

    mga brod working yan…. pag ayaw sa una … try and try niyo lang everytime tapos ok na yan… tested ko na mga repa….. if you need help email me

  42. 42
    p4in Says:

    aris bro add mo nmn ako sa fs turuan mko pano makapag net for free sa globe tattoo.. model nung skn e1552..

  43. 43
    aris Says:


  44. 44
    Mark fidel Says:

    Hi kuya bkit ayaw sakin eh sinunod k nman ung step by step pls help me this my emai antonio_markfidel@y.c thnks

  45. 45
    keberissima Says:

    yay. salamat.
    that was totally awesome.

  46. 46
    ravi Says:

    bro iam not able to get the result like u have shown can u pls dend me updates on this thanks

    ravi kumar

  47. 47
    gm sarellano Says:

    Sir, it says connected but i get no connection. =/ how is that? please let me know. thanks!

  48. 48
    shumakers Says:

    pwede na ba ako gumamit nito kahit may load pa ako…sabi kasi maintain 5 peso to be able to continue to use the modem..kabibili ko lang po kasi…thanks po

  49. 49
    cfred2 Says:

    Sa mga tao na gumagana pa itong hack na to please provide ung values ng primary and seconday DNS servers na gamit nyo. Madami kasi naka list dun sa link e, so to save time from trying out each one please provide na lang.

  50. 50
    moto Says:

    may latest po bang DNS..ayaw pong makakanonek eh
    pa share naman po ng precedure nyo at ung bagong mga DNS…

  51. 51
    SETZU Says:

    panu naman pg zte mf 600 tnx.tnx disconected n po un panu gagawa ng connection

  52. 52
    SETZU Says:

    09185542594 pahelp nmn po im willing to pay”load

  53. 53
    moto_miko Says:

    ayaw na talaga gumana itong trick na to sa bagong USB stick ng globe..:-(

  54. 54
    charlie Says:

    hey para san pu ba 2? sa free conection or sa speed up lng?

  55. 55
    kier. Says:

    Applicable pa rin ba tong Hacking strategy untill now????…….. pls reply asap… thankyou…..

  56. 56
    louie Says:

    mga boss my alm ako if panu mkpgnet ng libre..
    email nio lng ako

  57. 57
    mmmmmm Says:

    Kaya ba ihack yung mga e1552 na models?

  58. 58
    ang Says:

    bro anu ilalagay dun sa dns settings……sample naman ..pakitexy naman ako d2 sa # ko 09273601224..salamat

  59. 59
    KIM Says:

    not working for e1552 ? cause it’s not working on mine :'(

  60. 60
    KIM Says:

    not working :'(

  61. 61
    codegeass_dick Says:

    hmmp pls .. help me to use free internet access i use globe tattoo this is the model E160E and this is the imei no.355856025365871….. pls . unlock.. im willing to pay… just talk to my wallet… this is my no. if ur intererested 09086445232

  62. 62
    spidervin Says:

    Kay codegeass_dick – i got ur unlocked code, jaz txt me.

    Kay kim – yap, working to e1552, coz ito gamit ko, taz upgrade ko pa 2ng e1552 ko, pwede rin xang gamiting as phone f nakakabit sa PC, pwedeng gamiting pantawag.


  63. 63
    louie Says:

    i know how to used free internet in globe tattoo just pm

  64. 64
    spidervin Says:

    para kay codegeass_d!ck, ito ung unlocked code mo…..

    Flashing: 48614446
    Unlocking: 61115060

  65. 65
    ghie Says:

    SIr d pu naman pwde ung mga DNS..ur connected but you cant open the net..

  66. 66
    Mark fidel Says:

    Bkit p ako ayaw gumana ilang beses k nang try ayaw p rn pls help me email you lng aku e2 thks..

  67. 67
    KIM Says:

    @spidervin : why is it not working on mine ? even though i followed the instructions 1 by 1 please halp me .

  68. 68
    louie Says:

    email nio lng ako if gusto nio mlmn if panu mgnet ng libre

  69. 69
    ang Says:

    mga bro d b pwede gamitin trics na yan sa desktop….

  70. 70
    Joseph Says:

    Sir bkit po di nagana my model is e1552 kailangan pa po bang zero ang load kc nababawasan po load ko. kindly email me at tnx…

  71. 71
    spidervin Says:


  72. 72
    spidervin Says:

    JOSEPH: b4 gamit ka ng cproxy, dapat zero load ka.

  73. 73
    kaibigan Says:

    boss spidervin panu pg maeexpired na ang proxy.panu mo sya irregister ulit

  74. 74
    slasher21 Says:

    heloo…………….ndi na ata gumagana ang hack na to,i think na block na ng globe…………………………………..r u sure gumagana prin ba till now?

  75. 75
    Globe Says:

    All… We have upgrade the system…fun is over…@ aris we are looking for you.

  76. 76
    KIM Says:

    kailangan tlaga gagamit ng proxy ? :o

  77. 77
    louie Says:

    If you really want to know how to get free internet in your globe tattoo just email me. Heres my email add

  78. 78
    DanYo! Says:

    Ganyan din ng yari saken nung nag-laptop ako sa kotse mga ilang weeks mo
    pa sya magagamit..

  79. 79
    Globe Says:

    Please stop Hacking.. Its being Hacked Again.

  80. 80
    lawrence Says:

    does this work with prepaid?

  81. 81
    tim Says:

    once lng ata pwede tapos pgkalipas ng 15 mins eh wala na. ganun nangyari sakin tsk.. may bago bng hack?? pls rep.

  82. 82
    jhay Says:

    efective pa va to mga bosing???or my ggmitin pang program before maging efective..talaga bang papatulin yung sa dns and APN nya.iba kasi defauld seting ng glove…cproxy user hir…

  83. 83
    Calvz Says:

    Hey. Pls. send the updated information about the globe tattoo unlimited access on my yahoo mail. i badly need it! Thanks!

  84. 84
    cindy Says:

    guys can u unlock my e160e so that i can use it on smart buddy

  85. 85
    jsjsjs Says:

    oh..i havent tried it yet..but are you sure it’s still working??..maybe it was blocked by globe,,,well, i just want to ask..BUT GLOBE TATTOO is really slow!!/ my money was being wasted in here!!..stupid globe..

  86. 86
    jhhhh Says:

    does anyone heere know where to watch korean dramas??..hehe..just asking..

  87. 87
    dmc Says:

    sigurado po ba hnd kau mahuhuli sa hacking system nyo sa globe

  88. 88
    Raffy Says:

    If you want to have your Globe Tattoo Modem unlocked I would be gladly to it for you.
    All you have to do is send me the Model and IMEI # of your modem.
    Just send the infos to this number 09265610310 – Raffy.
    *A payment of 100 pesos via load shall be applied.


  89. 89
    louie Says:

    I know how to used free internet yung globe tattoo..
    mrmi n ngpturo skin kng panu yun but you need to pay Php 100 for that information.
    Ill make sure n gmgna yung hack n yun, you can email

  90. 90
    louie Says:

    Only 50 pesos if gusto nio maunluck yung globe tattoo nio email nio lng ako dtio

  91. 91
    Darias Says:

    Can you help with this tweak. im willing to pay, email me at really thanks (:

  92. 92
    joselle Says:

    paano po ba ibabalik sa dati ??/..ano nga po ba ung dating access number nung hindi pa nahahack??..gusto ko kasing ibalik sa dati..hehe.,.email nyo

  93. 93
    Sneak Says:

    working pa ba ito??
    hangang ngayun??
    paki post naman sa new thread kung meron
    ..Teach nyo naman mga Newbie tulad nakin

  94. 94
    jobet Says:

    hindi po gumagana kung yung dns n gagamit eh kaparehas ng sa prepaid haysss …help penge ako ng DNS … post nyu lng po d2 repzzz nyu

  95. 95
    jayrol Says:

    hello…sana gumana ito ngaun naka unlisurf ako..ang bilis ng globe samin..ndi lugi pag unli ka..peru mas gusto ko kung libre…syempre kahit cnu naman gusto un..pd po paupdate kung may mas madali at mas subok..jeje tnx po..

  96. 96
    ryan Says:

    this tweak totally the same in the default settings.. the only different is you can use your own DNS.. try to connect your globe tatoo then see the tools->profile management then you can see the default settings.

  97. 97
    Nixon1968 Says:

    pa unlock naman ni2 bossing

    i use G.I.JOE Tattoo e1552 IMEI number: 353143031609788

    here’s my number 09199829952

    Thanks in advance..

  98. 98
    ulrich Says:

    actualy it doesnt working anymore. The DNS are block, therefore packets are going to zero. I think Globe already found out this trick its quit old already… there is such a website nowadays offers you unlimited access like buy definetley you have to pay them monthly 30 pesos bu\y using either globe tatto or smart bro.

  99. 99
    ulrich Says:

    actualy it doesnt working anymore. The DNS are block, therefore packets are going to zero. I think Globe already found out this trick its quit old anyway… there is such a website nowadays offers you unlimited access like buy definetley you have to pay them monthly 30 pesos but using either globe tatto or smart bro.

  100. 100
    eneyardi Says:

    i know how to hack globe tattoo, just txt me 09184903913 or send ur email so that i can give u the details rgrding unlisurf w/ 0 balance.. it easy..

  101. 101
    eneyardi Says:

    f cno gusto mkaalm ng unlisrf w/ o balance s globe tattoo i’m willing to teach u how, wlng byd.. xe tnuro lng din skin although my idea n me..

  102. 102
    marjune23 Says:

    eneyardi pede magpaturo po sa free internet ng globe tattoo po?…txt mo po ako 09187815832 or email

  103. 103
    alvinthegreat Says:

    hi, paturo naman po paano ang unlisurf w/o load sa globe tattoo… send po details sa… maraming salamat po!

  104. 104
    arj Says:

    hindi pwedeng ihack yung bagong globe tattoo na e1552 ngayon kahit magpalit ako ng dns servers e hindi pwede.ano magandang gawin?

  105. 105
    utoy Says:

    wasakin moh modem moh ^_^

  106. 106
    lionel Says:

    yung akin wala siyang wcdma na network

    3G only
    3G preferred
    gsm only
    gsm preferred

    yan lng

  107. 107
    batuta Says:

    tapakan mo ng 4 na beses then ilublob mo sa balon.. for sure : )

  108. 108
    aerisrap Says:

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    janry Says:

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  110. 110
    cHi Says:

    hi eneyardi. paturo din po ng unlisurf w/ 0 load.
    thanks much.

  111. 111
    mark Says:

    eneyardi paturo din here is my email add globe tattoo 0 balance… help!!

  112. 112
    Private-Sign Says:

    hehehehe astig gumana sa akin :) salamat foe ng marami hehe :) now i can surf the net without anything payment or bill that i need to pay hehe

  113. 113
    gabz Says:

    thanks, paanu naman ung unli surf? w/o load.,

  114. 114
    carlo Says:

    sir pa2ro naman po perfect openline sa broadband globe tatto po….step by step po..pls po…e2 po ym ko….sa ym ko nyo nalang isend pls po…..

  115. 115
    gie Says:

    sir pwd p2ro po panu mg ung 0 balance sa globe tattoo ung no payment ^^

  116. 116
    gie Says:

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  117. 117
    semaj Says:


  118. 118
    caloy Says:

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  119. 119
    caloy Says:

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  120. 120
    Jayson Says:

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  121. 121
    NIkko Says:

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  122. 122
    hairwalk_01 Says:

    boss ako rn po paturo ng 0 balance sa globe tattoo kung paano, eto po email ko, salamat po=)

  123. 123
    isaac Says:

    sir pls pteach dn panu mkalibreng net kainis kc globe,my 1gb limit cla kht unlimited,wlang kwenta…mkabawi man lng sa globe hehe tns sir ENEYARDI…

  124. 124
    lancie Says:

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  125. 125
    lancie Says:

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  126. 126
    platon Says:

    Please email mo (ZBS) Zero Bal Surfing Boss! Globe nanggagancho! greedy corp! makabawi lang! sobrang mahal ng nagastos ko sa karamiraming P220 reloads ko tapos 1gb limit. maka bawi lang.
    eto po email ko.

  127. 127
    ian Says:

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  128. 128
    James Says:

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  129. 129
    jason Says:

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    vel_dhandie Says:

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  133. 133
    arvin Says:

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  134. 134
    arvin Says:

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  135. 135
    lei Says:

    pls p2ro naman pu pnu pgnahin globe tattoo kit ng 0 balance,o kea pnu pu maextend 1gb limit ng globe,pls p2ro po.. E2 pu email ko tnx in advnce..

  136. 136
    reian Says:

    ako ren sir, psend nman po sa email ko how to.. :)

  137. 137
    shun Says:

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  138. 138
    erick Says:

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  139. 139
    pantom_gag Says:

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  140. 140
    jm Says:

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  141. 141
    heroarc8 Says:

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    Rimuel Says:

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    roellien Says:

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    holylight Says:

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    arhean Says:

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  146. 146
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    son Says:

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  148. 148
    REnellmag Says:

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    SALAMAT po. =D

  149. 149
    REnellmag Says:

    Sir paturo naman na maextend ung 1GB limit ng SUPERSURF sa GBT ko. SALAMAT po

  150. 150
    Mark Says:

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    model: MF100
    manufacturer: ZTE


  151. 151
    Speth Says:

    boss pwedi paturo? yong zero balance surfing lang po sa globe tattoo… its a big help po para sakin if iyo po akong toruan.. thanks po in advance….

  152. 152
    kira Says:

    sir pa help nmn aq oh e2 email ko UNG MODEL NG gLOBE TATOO Q E160E HSDPA USB stick

  153. 153
    rowi Says:

    Ako dn po :

  154. 154
    rodge Says:

    sir ako dn po pa pm po ng updated tweak tska ung 1gb bandwidth pa help po..tnx… :D

  155. 155
    yoltoons Says:

    pwedi po ba yong zero balance surfing? kung meron man, e–mail mo sa akin thxn

  156. 156
    JAYDEN Says:


  157. 157
    chamvin1930 Says:

    hello po paano po yung zero balanca surfing., ang paano po yung minimum of 1g ng globe broadbad pwede po bang paturo if papaaon?

  158. 158
    gwapo Says:

    pa email din po ako ung zero balance surfing maraming salamat po!

  159. 159
    welzki Says:

    sir pa email din po ako ung zero balance surfing maraming salamat po! cheers.

  160. 160
    bryan Says:

    sir can you help for zero balance surfing….heres my email add

  161. 161
    bryan Says:

    sir can you help for zero balance surfing….heres my email add

  162. 162
    Spencer Mina Says:

    Sir paturo rin po ako e2 ung email q

  163. 163
    skelepeput Says:

    can you teach me how to browse for free using globe tattoo… pls.. here’s my email mj_deicide@y.c tnx

  164. 164
    chine Says:

    hi can you help me for zero balance surfing using globe tattoo broadband.pls heres my email add…tnx

  165. 165
    chine Says:

    paturo din poh kc ngawa ko n yung step. nagcoconect nman poh xa kso hindi ako makapagbrowse sa firefox.

  166. 166
    b_3_r_t_2 Says:

    sir, paturo po ng zero balance surfing…..

  167. 167
    izzy Says:

    sir paturo ng zero balance surfing

  168. 168
    welz Says:


    pashare naman po kung papaano mag surf sa globe tattoo kahit zero balance.
    thanks in advance. eto po email ko tnx

  169. 169
    franz Says:

    yay pno po b ung ga2win kc kc ayaw brodband qoh ehh
    plz help me my email and my pw. ***************

  170. 170
    francis Says:

    hi sir… can you teach me if how can i browse an internet in mozilla firefox using my globe tattoo usb broadband without any load? just send me a mail for tutorial and thank you for advance for your help… tnx.. here’s my email address.

  171. 171
    micke Says:

    hello, sir gud am, pwd rin po paturo nga zero balance browsing? thank you po

  172. 172
    Cathy Says:

    Hi sir… paturo din po ako kng pno mkapg unli surf s globe tattoo low balance amount or 0 load ballance… Plis help nman po.. tnx in advance! email add ko po:

  173. 173
    monette Says:

    pwd ako rin? pa-share naman. thank you so much

  174. 174
    monette Says:

    hello po, pwd ako rin? pa-share din. thank you po

  175. 175
    emoshire Says:

    kahit anung palit mo xa dns hindi kpa rin makaka pag internet ng libre,.

  176. 176
    Joey Says:

    Sorry, guys but this does not work anymore. Already banned. I tried it many times ending up with my tattoo damaged requiring me to reinstall the program again.

  177. 177
    Renan Says:

    Sir salamat sa tips nyo. Ginawa ko po sya kya lng di sya nag work. Turuan nyo rin po aq kung paano yan gawin. Thanks ulit

  178. 178
    erich Says:

    sir bka alam nyo kung pede ma-access ung wireless router dto s house namin gamit ung globe tattoo ko? – may free wireless network s house namin, tanong ko lng kung kaya bang masagap or ma-access yun ng globe tattoo ko? PLS help!!! salamat po!

  179. 179
    erich Says:

    sir bka alam nyo kung pede ma-access ung wireless router dto s house namin gamit ung globe tattoo ko? – may free wireless network s house namin, tanong ko lng kung kaya bang masagap or ma-access yun ng globe tattoo ko? d kse pede cable or direct connection s router, through wifi pede, hirap nga lng magsurf using psp. PLS help!!! salamat po!

  180. 180
    gerald lorence Says:

    hi po! paturo naman kung pano yan gagamitin….share nyo naman ako kung pano.eto email ko.

  181. 181
    rye Says:

    meron bago ngun kelngan muna mg supersurf50 ka tas unlimited n un hanggng sa madetect cguro ng globe

  182. 182
    erich Says:

    sir may alam k p ba n ibang Globe DNS and free IP address, or san kya me makakahanap, any idea what website to search for? can you email me for the details please!! thanx po!!

  183. 183
    koolokoy Says:

    sir may alam k p ba n ibang Globe DNS and free IP address, or san kya me makakahanap, any idea what website to search for? can you email me for the details please!! thanx po!!

  184. 184
    Blahdge Says:

    sir, hindi kaya tayo mahuli jan?

  185. 185
    Blahdge Says:

    master, di kaya tayo mahuli okaya matrack tas huli hin tayo

  186. 186
    mr. imba Says:

    maraming salamat idol.
    100% working.

  187. 187
    asferd Says:

    Tnx… It works…… how i wish ma bless ka pa..
    pro how can i make it more faster??

  188. 188
    theblue_joker Says:

    nauubos ba load pag ginamit to? or parang unlimited na rin siya?

  189. 189
    jhay Says:

    preety amazing…. TNX a LOT….

  190. 190
    jen Says:

    Hi, i wont let me browse web pages. but my torrent download is working tho. Help with this

  191. 191
    nico Says:

    wew sa akin di gumana @_@

  192. 192
    karts Says:

    mga boss… pede ba ung zero balance surfing? paemail naman po.. thanks a lot…

  193. 193
    johnrey Says:

    paano maka connect ng walang load pls

  194. 194
    arisdpogi Says:


  195. 195
    kling Says:

    try nyu nga if gumagana pa eto and please update sa site, i was using ultrasurf before but now its no longer working :’3

  196. 196
    alimar Says:

    buti pa sa akin gumana ^_^
    madali lng nmn po iih
    bsta mag basahin mo lng
    ng mabuti

  197. 197
    Joshua Says:

    Bakit ayaw po gumana sakin? Nakakaconnect pero di po nakakapag browse. Panu po paganahin? :((

  198. 198
    cesar Says:

    paturo nmn po ako e2 po ang email ko ung latest po na gumagana,,, maraming thanx!!^_^

  199. 199
    ryan Says:

    i was able to connect with 3mbps pero hindi ako makapagbrowse…help..thanks in advance!

  200. 200
    mantaboy Says:

    may sira po ba ang globe ngayon? ive been using globe tattoo for a month now, pero yesterday and today sobrang hirap mag connect, kahit madalaing araw d ako maka connect, if ever maka connect ako 5 to 10mins ma disconnect ako, why is that? pls help

  201. 201
    Jay Says:

    kailangan po ba may remaining load?

  202. 202
    Son Says:

    is this still working??

  203. 203
    tokilu Says:

    diba dns server ng google yan hahaha…

  204. 204
    Kamote Says:

    Guys, working pa rin ba eto? thanks sa po sa sagot:D

  205. 205
    John Says:

    bakit di gumana sa akin???

  206. 206
    derek Says:

    sir, paturo din po. pa send naman sa derek2610 at gmail po. thanks po ng marami in advance

  207. 207
    john daniel davad Says:

    i will try this…hope mag work pa2′

  208. 208
    19AlphaDeltaSigma13 Says:

    uu gumagana pa e2….ang ilagay nyo na dns ay (…^_^

  209. 209
    princess Says:

    uhm,, umaandar po yn,, but tnong q lng po.. pa2nu mapa2bilis ung connction nya? kz ung skn,, 48th years bgo mkpgbrowse.. sobrng bgal.. pahelp nmn po

  210. 210
    joel Says:

    guys kelengan pb vpn n2

  211. 211
    rich! Says:

    is this still working now??
    kasi mdami na din po akong natry na ganyan kso ayaw gumana..

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