Globe Tattoo Hack Tweak Update

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Here’s an update for the Globe Tattoo Hack or might as well we can call it a Globe Tattoo Tweak since it deals with tweaking your Globe Tattoo USB Stick to perform at its utmost performance.

Here is what I do to tweak and/or hack my Globe tattoo.

  • Insert you Globe Tattoo to your PC / Laptop and let the Globe Tattoo Interface initiate. Once initiated, make sure that your Globe Tattoo is not connected yet, and then go to Tools then choose Options.


  • Once your inside the Options window, choose Profile Management and choose “New” and you’ll get to the window below.
  • Under the Profile Name, you can opt to choose any kind of name you want for that connection.
  • Under the APN box, choose the Static Option and enter on the APN Field
  • Under the Authentication Box put *99***1# on the access number box. There is no need to input anything on the username and password fields.


  • after setting everything up, click the advanced button and change the DNS Settings to “static” type your preferred DNS in the fields. Click here for a list of Globe DNS values applicable for Globe Internet.


  • After that, click Ok and then click Save on the right panel. Also don’t forget to set it as default. Once you go back to the Globe Tattoo interface, the new Globe Tattoo Network Profile would now be available on the dropdown menu.

You can now choose it and use it when connecting your Globe Tattoo to the internet. I named mine Special DNS like the one below.

So that’s it, that is how my Globe Tattoo Hack Tweak, if you know any other tweaks then you can share using the comment feild below.

Note though, this works for me but I cannot guarantee that it would work for you… Dont intend to do this if you are going to complain to me if it does not work. Do the Globe Tattoo Hack – Tweak at your own risk.

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  1. 211
    rich! Says:

    is this still working now??
    kasi mdami na din po akong natry na ganyan kso ayaw gumana..

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