Globe Broadband Tattoo Advantages | Disadvantages

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Planning to purchase a Globe Broadband Tattoo? Well I guess you are since you landed in this blog post of mine. You may be thinking right now and weighing things comparatively. Would Globe Broadband Tattoo suit me and my internet needs? Would Globe Broadband Tattoo disappoint me and make me ditch their service and use another mobile internet service?

Well if you are thinking like that, you’re not alone. I am also planning to buy a Globe Broadband Tattoo. The Black or the Blue one. Lol, as if the color affects the speed of the Globe Broadband Tattoo. But certainly its in my list of must haves, and there are a couple of things that came into mind while I was thinking and weighing things. And it looks like my brain is now more bigger than my arm muscles since it has already done a lot more weightlifting than that of my arm.

I have sorted out some of Globe Broadband Tattoo Advantages and Disadvantages or in short its Pros and Cons.

Here are some, and by the way this is just my opinion, if you have something to add to the advantage and disadvantages then just comment it right away.

Globe Broadband Tattoo Advantages

  • Affordable
  • Mobile
  • Fast?
  • Portable
  • Can be used for sending SMS
  • Can be used for Calls
  • Has Micro SD slot for additional Storage
  • Reloadable where Globe Autoload Max is available.
  • Pasa Load works

Globe Broadband Tattoo Disadvantages

  • Fast?
  • Relies on 3G Signal, look at your Globe 3G powered mobile phone. If its signal bar show the 3G sign then your Globe Broadband Tattoo has a good chance of better connection.
  • Relies on Location
  • HSDPA Powered internet has high Download capacity but very low Upload capacity (less than a hundred).
  • Globe Broadband Tattoo has a chance of being stolen

You may noticed that I have put a “?” mark on the word “Fast” it is because I have yet to try the Globe Broadband Tattoo, the rest of the advantages and disadvantages are purely my opinion and are somehow expected.

What about you, have you already used this rebranded product of Globe? What are you experience on you Globe Broadband Tattoo?

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51 Responses to “Globe Broadband Tattoo Advantages | Disadvantages”

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    coolguy10 Says:

    Madaraya etong globe na eto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yung may planong bumili ng tattoo ,wag na ninyo subukan pa at nanloloko sila na kunwari unli surf , pero pag nag reach ng 800mb ,magagamit mo eto the following day!!
    Ganid ang company na eto , parang smart!!! wala na maaasahan na matinong broadband company sa atin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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