Determine If A WordPress Theme Has Malicious Code

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Recently I have been looking at some WordPress Themes and I was alarmed that most of them contains Malicious Codes embedded on either the Footer.php or the Header.php.

I am well aware to what a header or a footer should look like if it is legit, but what if some newbies in blogging starts to install these kinds of themes on to their blogs.

They would never know what hit them in the first place. They could be sending private passwords and traffic analysis to someone they can’t see or even know exists. They might be displaying someone Else’s Advertisements without their knowledge, thus, dropping the income of a potential blog.

So here is a little way to help those guys who does not know what a legit WordPress Theme looks like and be able to determine whether to use the theme that they have just downloaded or not.

Download and Install the Theme Authenticity Checker

It automatically scans all your installed themes and alerts you whenever a potential theme has some embedded codes in them.

I hope this plug-in helps those new WordPress Bloggers and some seasoned bloggers who are not that aware of the potential risks that their blogs are putting them in.


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2 Responses to “Determine If A WordPress Theme Has Malicious Code”

  1. 2
    Jamez Says:

    hehe, then try downloading it na!, very useful ito, specially to those bloggers who are not fond of checking the wordpress installation files that they are using

  2. 1
    gamzter Says: isa na ako sa biktima nito…haha

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