CDR King – Encore Wireless Router Review

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Its been 2 months since I have purchased and used the Encore Wireless Router G (ENHWI-G2) from CDR – King. So far so good, no hints of impending problem at all. Sometimes the router is on round the clock, and it still works at its peak, no drop connections and whatnot.

In my opinion the range of the Encore Wireless Router G‘s signal is around 30 meters here at my place using its bundled 2dBi dipole antenna along with wall and room interferences.

I personally think that this router can still increase its capabilities if I would opt to replace its antenna with a longer one, also available on cdr – king or by using the Windsurfer Wifi – Booster.

As for me, I really got a bang for the buck by getting this wireless router from cdr – king. I got this Wireless G router for a whopping 1,380.00 PHP. Cheapest so far compared to other branded wireless routers such as D-Link and Linksys to name a few.

The only thing that can differentiate this router against the top brands is when it comes to quality. I am yet to find out if the quality of this router can be at par with the top networking hardware brands out there.

But for my opinion, I think this Encore Wireless Router G (ENHWI-G2) could go against the top brands since Encore itself is focused on networking products.

Please bear in mind that Encore is just being resold by CDR – King and is not manufactured by CDR – King itself. Matter of fact, CDR – King has its own version of Wireless Routers at a much cheaper prices ranging from 600.00 – 800.00 PHP

My verdict for this product – Bang for the Buck

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115 Responses to “CDR King – Encore Wireless Router Review”

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  1. 115
    marte dioso Says:

    san ba yang PIN ng LP-8186C router.. hirap nmn hanapin nyn…..

  2. 114
    marte dioso Says:

    kainis nmn tong CDR King n to.. asan b yang PIN n yan ng LP-8186C..

  3. 113
    mark b. Says:

    also been using this encore for quite sometime now. so far so good! i agree with the review bang for the buck!

  4. 112
    Rals Says:

    i’ve been using the same router (ENCORE ENHWI-G2) for 3 years already, my pc is connected via LAN port. Recently when i was surfing the net, biglang kumulog at kumidlat ng malakas. then my my connection suddenly got “unplugged” kahit na di ko naman inunplugged. since then hindi ko na magamit yong LAN port. laging “cable is unplugged”. whenever icoconect ko directly sa pc ko yong internet cable, nakakaconnect naman ako. yon nga lang hindi sya kasing bilis at stable ng connected thru LAN port. what do you think is wrong with my router? please help..

  5. 111
    Joseph Says:

    My Encore wireless router has been set up already. But, after the set up setting, the connectivity is limited, or no connectivity settings. Every time I will connect to myDSL modem, the connectivity is lost. What will I do for this problem? Please help me…

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