Buying Selling ZTE MF600 Globe Wireless Modem

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Written By: Louis James Diaz Google+

Im in dire need to replace my ZTE MF600 which has already served me well for 1 and a half years. After sometime, my ZTE MF600 has been showing signs and symptoms of old age and wear and tear.

If ever you happen to have one, specially if you are a former Globe Wireless Broadband user and you still have the Globe Wireless ZTE MF600 with you, kept somewhere safe and your modem is still working at par, I am more than honored to buy that ZTE MF600 modem of yours.

Mine had been experiencing problems, its been having a hard time initializing which is why now I am not turning it off, ever, or else I might not be able to revive it again after reviving it for half a day the last time it was turned off.

Just crossing my fingers that the rotating brownouts would not happen again or else I would officially lose my internet connection again and painstakingly resuscitate my modem from the dead.

By the way, I have already phoned it in on Globe Representatives, and oh well what do you expect, which is why I am taking countermeasures myself since I would not dare wait for the help that I asked for on Globe CSR’s as they are so unreliable…

So, if ever you have a spare ZTE MF600 modem with you, I would be willing to buy it, just post your offer price down on the comments section.

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20 Responses to “Buying Selling ZTE MF600 Globe Wireless Modem”

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  1. 10
    goemon888 Says:

    i have a disconnected globe zte mf600 with external antenna. text me your offer 09278955939. pede rin swap sa PSP phat 2nd hand or any item. im using globe usb hack kaya di ko na masubukan yung hack para sa globe zte mf600.

  2. 9
    Parker Says:

    For those na merong zte mf600 with external antenna, IM INTERESTED AND IM WILLING TO MEET YOU UP TO BUY IT! Contact 09164143995

  3. 8
    darkprinz Says:

    i have a disconnected zte mf600 modem.

  4. 7
    em Says:

    willing to buy a zte mf600. pls pm me. thanks.

  5. 6
    Kimi Says:

    rhonalddean Says:
    February 8th, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    i have a zte mf600, can i use it as a wifi receiver from my neighbor wireless network to be able to have an internet access?

    no u cant because MF600 is a modem,not a wifi reciver nor a is a MODEM.

  6. 5
    Kimi Says:

    i have a new zte mf600.interested?mail me if you do..

  7. 4
    keviin Says:

    i have one and im willing to give it to you at only 750php .. looks good.. 1yr used with charger and phone..

    — 09279681183

  8. 3
    rhonalddean Says:

    i have a zte mf600, can i use it as a wifi receiver from my neighbor wireless network to be able to have an internet access?

  9. 2
    Joel Says:

    I have a Zte mf600 locked to globe anyone can share me the unlock codes or software?? willing to pay.. Msg me 09157421498

  10. 1
    Roberto Says:

    I have an old one and working still, txt me if your interested and how much is your offer, i dunno how much to sell this one. 09392600086

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